English patent for Corning glass suspension insulators

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Journal of the Society of Glass Technology

Sheffield, England
vol. 10, no. 40, p. 159,290,335-336


X. Machinery, Moulds, and Tools.

654. Electric Insulators. R. HADDAN, London (CORNING GLASS WORKS, U.S.A.) (Brit. Pat. No. 248,934, March 30th, 1925; from Ill. Official J. Pat. No. 1946, May 5th, 1926). A method of making a high tension electric insulator, of the kind having an embedded suspension pin, consists in pressing the pin into plastic insulating material to embed it therein, and then moving the pin relatively to the material to form a space between them. The insulator comprises a body, A, Fig. 216, of some suitable insulating material, which may be ba