Events in the Glass Industry for 1946; Owens Illinois events listed

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Glass Factory Year Book and Directory

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 167-186, col. 1

Outstanding Events In Glass Industry

Of the Nation During the Year 1946


Randolph H. Barnard, former executive vice president and director of Owens-Illinois Glass Company, announces formation of a new glass company of which he is president and manager.

Roy C. Packard, formerly in the advertising department of Owens-Illinois Glass, joins advertising and merchandising staff of Libbey division of firm.


John C. McLaughlin returns to Libbey Glass division of Owens-Illinois after three and a half years with the Eighth Air Force.

L. G. Phillips resumes with Owens-Illinois Glass as manager of closure sales division following service in the Navy.