Events in the Glass Industry for 1944; Corning Glass Works events listed

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Glass Factory Year Book and Directory

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 168-180, col. 1

Outstanding Events In Glass Industry

Of the Nation During the Year 1944



Amory Houghton, chairman of the board, Corning Glass Works, is named to the 1944 board of directors of the National Association of Manufacturers.

The Fourth Regional Office, National Labor Relations Board at Philadelphia, certifies the American Flint Glass Workers' Union as the exclusive bargaining agent for the Wellsboro, Pa., plant of Corning Glass Works. Formation of Local 1101 begins at the plant.

The working contract which will affect about 6,000 employes [sic] employees at the three plants of the Corning Glass Works in Corning, N. Y., is signed by representatives of the company and the American Flint Glass Workers' Union.


The Regional War Labor Board denies, "without prejudice," an appeal of the Flint union from an earlier decision of the WLB, limiting wage increases to three cents an hour for about 1,100 employes [sic] employees of the Macbeth-Evans Division of the Corning Glass Works at Charleroi, Pa.

Russell L. Test, associated with Corning Glass Works for 25 years, resigns to go with the Phoenix Glass Company where he will engage in post-war planning.

Amory Houghton is re-elected chairman of the board of Corning Glass Works, and Glen Cole is renamed president at annual board meeting.

The Flint union loses out in an election ordered by the NLRB when employes [sic] employees of the Charleroi, Pa., plant vote in favor of the CIO Federation of Glass, Ceramic and Silica Sand Workers of America as their collective bargaining representative. It marks the first time a CIO union has been chosen to act in such a capacity in any division of Corning employes [sic] employees. Up to this time the Federation has been established chiefly in flat glass plants.


Lawrence King, with Corning Glass Works since 1941, is named managing director of Corning Glass Works of South America, a wholly owned subsidiary.

Joseph R. Palme, personnel director of the Corning Glass Works for the last three years, is appointed assistant to Harry M. Hosier, vice president in charge of industrial relations.


Wellsboro, Pa., plant of Corning Glass Works wins right to add star to its "E" flag.

The Corning Division of Corning Glass Works receives Army-Navy production award for third time.


W. W. Oakley, Jr., is advanced in Charleroi, Pa, Pa., Division of Corning Glass Works to head standards department.


Dr. Jesse T. Littleton, vice president and associate director of research at Corning Glass Works, is awarded honorary degree of doctor of science by University of Wisconsin.

WLB approves certain provisions of labor contract between Flints and Corning Glass Works. Although more than two-thirds of the provisions have been in effect in Corning plants since contract was negotiated, some provisions could not become effective until approval from WLB.

The President's Cup, symbolic of the best safety record attained in an inter-plant competition of six Corning Glass Works divisions last year, is awarded company's Wellsboro, Pa., plant.


A three-man panel of the NLRB in Pittsburgh assumes role of mediator, following complicated dispute involving interests of about 1,500 employes [sic] emplyoyees of Charleroi, Pa., plant of Corning Glass Works, and wins amicable settlement.

WLB approves attendance bonus as part of base pay at Corning Glass Works.

Corad, a new device produced by Corning Glass Works, permits greater control of distillation processes in development of war materials.

Announcement is made of details concerning commercial production of silicones by executives of Corning Glass Works and Dow Chemical Company. It is said the silicones represent a century's research to utilize silicon and oxygen in production of new temperature-resistant materials.


Frederick Kraissel, Corning Glass Works technologist for years, dies at summer home.

Corning Glass Works issues "Five Years of Wartime Service" a folder expla