Sydenham Glass Co. listing

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Glass Trade Directory

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 8-9, 30-31, col. 1

Bottle, General Flint and

Tableware Companies

This directory contains a complete list of press and blownware plants in the United States and Canada, active or temporarily out of operation. The letter "f" is given for furnace and "p" for pots, as: 1 f, 16 p., means one furnace of 16 pots. The letters "c t" mean a continuous tank and "d t," day tank. The letter "r" is used to designate ring holes, thus indicating the approximate capacity.

Key for Bottle Factories.

The capital A means flint glass is made; B green glass, C amber, D blue, E, opal glass. The figures following these letters designate in a general way the lines of wara [sic] ware made, viz: 1 signifies prescription, druggists, per