Pell's Patent Fluid Insulators used in Queensland

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Publication: The Electrical Engineer - London

London, England
vol. 7, no. 14, p. 315-316, col. 2, 1

Electrical Engineering in Queensland.A correspondent informs us that the central station of the Rockhampton Gas and Coke Company, Limited, which is the only gas company in Queensland that supplies both electric light and gas, was erected under an Act granted in November, 1889. The plant at the station, which was started in September of last year, consists of two 120-h.p. Roots boilers by Conrad Knap and Co., Lincoln; a 100-h.p. indicated horizontal engine, by Davey, Paxman, and Co. ; and a 6|in. by Gin. Westinghouse engine, a 280-ampere 110-volt Hookham patent dynamo with constant-lead brush gear, hand-regulated by resistance in field-magnet circuit, and an A