Ralph Hemingray attends meeting of the American Association of Flint and Lime Glass Manufacturers

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Pottery, Glass & Brass Salesman

New York, NY, United States
vol. 17, no. 25, p. 7,9, col. 1-3,1-2

Glass Makers Re-Elect Gleason


Popular President of American Association Is Given a Third Term at Forty-

Second Annual Meeting


To quote one of the "young upstarts" present, the outstanding feature of the forty-second annual meeting of the American Association of Flint and Lime Glass Manufacturers, which was held this week Monday at the Marlborough-Blenheim Hotel, in Atlantic City, was the many "old geezers" in attendance who have been giving the annual conclaves the go-by of late years fellows like Gus Heisey (yes, the old boys still call him "Gus," but the trade in general knows him better as Col. A. H. Heisey, the man who likes to see his name and trade-mark on billboards from coast to coast newspaper type being too small) and Will Dalzell, Bob Hemingray, Andy Smith and Marion Bryce.

They are "old geezers," of course, only in point of service. You would have to do a lot of thinking to mentally group another quintet to match them in business "pep."

How such regulars at these meetings as Tom Evans, Will Dorflinger, Harry Northwood and Wilfred Gleason greeted them! Perhaps it pays to send proxies for a spell. The welcome seems more intensive after a long absence anyway, unless it's camouflaged. It looked the real goods, however.

The best thing the meeting did was to re-elect Marshall W. Gleason for a third term, likewise the other old officers. Mr. Gleason has made an exceptional presiding officer dignified, capable, resourceful and diplomatic at all times.

The business meeting, scheduled for 2:30 p. m., was preceded by the usual complimentary luncheon at 1 o'clock. This was served in a private dining room of the hotel, Blenheim section. Fiftyseven members and guests partook of the collation, grouped at several tables in congenial parties.

At the president's table besides Mr. Gleason were: H. A. Black, Thomas Evans, E. J. Barry, Arthur J. Bennett, W. A. B. Dalzell, E. P. Ebberts. Harry B. Duncan, Marion G. Bryce. John Kunzler, L. Philip Martin. Nicholas Kopp, George M. Jaques, A. W. Kimes, Julius G. Kaufmann and Joseph F. O'Gorman.

At the other tables were: Col. A. H. Heisey, William F. Dorflinger, R. G. Hemingray, Andrew P. Duncan, E. Wilson Heisey, George Dougherty, F. L. Fenton, George R. West, E. A. Gillender, James M. Lewis, D. C. Jenkins, Howard C. Jenkins, I. J. Collins, C. L. Gaunt, Frank W. Merry, R. C. Faris, Walter H. McClure, Edw. J. Schaub, Henry Leiner, A. B. Paxton, H, L. Heintzelmann, K. A. Rock, W. W. Davies, Harry S. Potter, Harry Northwood, Calvin B. Roe, C. M. Rodefer, Charles E. Voitle, Andrew J. Smith, James F. Challinor, Reuben Haley, Thomas W. McCreary, J. Harvey Strong. J. E. Kewley, E. O. Cross, James P. Goggins, Harry A. Schnellbach, Edw. E. Bartlett, E. J. S. Van Houten, Howard S. Evans and John Beiswanger.

As the diners were seated President Gleason rapped for order and said it had been the custom for forty-one years to drink a health to the President of the United States: that the forty-second annual meeting would be no exception. He thereupon suggested that it he drunk standing, which it was.

After the meal was finished Mr. Gleason introduced H. A. Black, treasurer of Alexander Bros., Philadelphia, who was down for the only speech. His topic was "Trade Acceptances," and he left little unsaid in the way of