Muncie, Ind.; Some old timers say the plant never looked so good

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Flint

Toledo, Ohio, United States
vol. 54, no. 8, p. 26,27, col. 1-2,1-2

local news

                                                                                    Deadline for Local News 10th of Month.

MUNCIE, INDIANA Don Everhart . . .

Hello, Flints. This is Owens-Illinois in Muncie, Indiana, Local Union 50. Work in the shop is the same as last month but I believe work in other parts of the plant is picking up for I see a lot of new faces. Our "A" tank has been down for the past thirty days for a partial rebuild and a general face-lining and it sure looks better all the way around. Some of the old-timers say they have never seen