Muncie, Ind.; The plant is doing pretty well

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Flint

Toledo, Ohio, United States
vol. 55, no. 2, p. 19,21, col. 1-2,1-2

local news

                                                                                    Deadline for Local News 10th of Month.

MUNCIE, INDIANA Don Everhart . . . Once again this is Owens-Illinois in Muncie, Indiana. Work in the shop is about; the same as the last time I reported; some overtime in the shop, mostly on the lathes and mills. The rest of the shop is on a scheduled weekend coverage. The rest of the plant is doing pretty well and expected to do better in the future.

The Mold Shop had its annual Christmas party with a good attendance, and consequently we had a good time. The wives enjoyed their tour through the plant, and