Description of the Thomas China Co. plant

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Clay-Worker

Indianapolis, IN, United States
vol. 36, no. 5, p. 423-4, col. 1-2


The New Works of The Thomas China Co., at Lisbon, Ohio.

THE NEW WORKS of the above company will, when completed, make one of the neatest and most up-to-date plants in the country. The main buildings are 320 feet in length by 130 feet in width. At the north end of the plant are located the clay shops, which are two stories in height. The whole plant is built of fire brick.

The pottery, as a whole, is very well planned and is built with a view to convenience and economy in the manufacture of their ware.

In the slip house the company will have two seventy-two Chamber filter presses, with gaskets, t