Covington Fire destroys Escue Datsun - old Hemingray factory site


Publication: The Cincinnati Enquirer

Covington, KY, United States

Spectacular Covington Fire Destroys Escue Datsun


A raging fire destroyed Escue Datsun, Second St. and Madison Ave. in Covington, Monday night and caused a serious problem from downed high-voltage wires.

Police said two men were seen running from the scene about the time the fire was reported. An explosion also was heard at the same time.

Covington Patrolman Larry Iseral and an unidentified Kenton County patrolman reported the fire at 9:23 p.m.

BY 9:32 P.M., flames had engulfed the part of the Escue complex nearest the Ohio River. They shot an estimated 40-50 leet into the air and were spectacularly visible from Cincinnati.

The roof, engulfed in flames. had collapsed by 9:40 p.m. An aerial