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Patent:Utility 2,466,083
Patented:April 5, 1949
Applied:December 18, 1947
Title:Wire Holding Device
Description:Metal strip with alternating slots or ribs to allow the insulated wire to be wrapped in and out of the slots or ribs to securely hold the wire without damaging the insulation covering. One end of the metal strip is fixed to allow it to hang at various angles needed to drop the wire to a building. Lou Hall has a pair of them that are stamped: VINE GRIP followed by PAT. CAN 1949/U.S.A. #2466083
Category:Wire Holder
Assigned to:Crosby Brothers Manufacturing Co.

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CROSBY, Noble Wellington Trenton, Ontario, Canada

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Subclass:129BCORD AND ROPE HOLDERS One-piece Sheet material;

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