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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U Specimen known 105,252 July 12, 1870 Improvement in Battery Insulators
CD 60 and CD 61. Battery insulator with mounting on table. One specimen of CD 61 is known with embossing M. T. Co.
U 114,911 May 16, 1871 Improvement in Galvanic Batteries
Use of paraffin or paraffinic oil to coat surface of battery acid to prevent evaporation
U 129,465 July 16, 1872 Improvement in Battery Insulators
Battery insulator shaped to fit hole in table & flat to support battery
DAVIS, Augustus G.
U 136,191 February 25, 1873 Improvement in Insulators for Battery Cups
Battery insulator cup to collect moisture or acid
THOMAS, James H.
Battery 1/2 to A. G. Tomay
U Specimen known 438,532 October 14, 1890 Insulating Appliance for Electric Batteries
Battery jar and large battery rest insulator with upturned cup to hold insulating fluid. Some think the rods (a2) that hold the plates apart are the glass U-shaped ""rods"" known in the hobby, but there is no evidence of this in the patent.
CURRIE, Stanley C. C.
Battery The United Gas Improvement Co.
U 572,285 December 1, 1896 Battery Cell
Battery cell
WILLMS, Charles
U Specimen known 651,680 June 12, 1900 Electric Battery Attachment
Ware battery rest
WARE, Henry Bowles
CORNELL, Chauncey Cortez
U 1,034,394 July 30, 1912 Insulating Support for Storage Battery Tanks
CD 35, CD 36; Battery insulator with soft metal cap
MORRIS, George H.
Battery The Electric Storage Battery Co.
U 1,097,392 May 19, 1914 Battery Box Support and Insulator
Battery rest insulator with screw to hold under foot of table
CREMER, August C.
U 1,106,095 August 4, 1914 Electrical Battery
Battery insulators with oil inside
HUBBARD, Albert S.
Battery Gould Storage Battery Co.
U 1,146,298 July 13, 1915 Insulating Support for Storage Batteries
CD 35, CD 36; Battery insulator with a lead cup sitting on an earthenware pedestal cup (see 1,181,362)
AMBRUSTER, Cornelius
U 1,179,395 April 18, 1916 Insulating Support for Storage Battery Tanks
Battery support insulator with lead cup underneath
BECK, Harold M.
U 1,181,362 May 2, 1916 Insulating Support for Storage Batteries
Battery insulator support cup made of earthenware (see 1,146,298)
AMBRUSTER, Cornelius
U Specimen known 1,190,766 July 11, 1916 Insulating Support
Battery support insulator
HUBBARD, Albert S.
Battery Gould Storage Battery Co.
U 1,313,384 August 19, 1919 Battery Supporting Device
CD 40; Battery for submarines using a special battery rest insulator
HUTCHISON, Miller Reese
NORTON, Charles W.
Battery Edison Storage Battery Co.
U 1,466,674 September 4, 1923 Storage Battery
Battery electrodes and container. However, the little porcelain insulators cataloged as SP17-01 were used to support glass rods for the battery to set on.
STANLEY, Vincent C.
Battery The Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Co.
U 1,494,766 May 20, 1924 Insulating Support
Battery rest insulator sitting on a foot to allow movement
Battery International Oxygen Co.

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