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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 684,909 October 22, 1901 Insulating Bushing
COLE, John A.
U 698,097 April 22, 1902 Electrical Insulator
Bushing and bracket to support conductor cable
BALL, Henry Price
Bushing General Incandescent Light Co.
U 830,501 September 11, 1906 Protecting Bushing for Electric Circuit Wires
Bushing with screw threads
Bushing Federal Electric Co.
U 1,056,392 March 18, 1913 Insulator
BARR, Carl A.
KOREN, Jerome H.
U 1,706,987 March 26, 1929 Electric Wire Insulator
U 1,977,957 October 23, 1934 Bus Bar and Bushing Connection
Connector to hold bus bar inside a bushing
STEVENS, Leland S.
Bushing Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,978,649 October 30, 1934 Bus Bar and Bushing Connection
Connector to hold bus bar inside a bushing
ROBERTS, Charles W.
Bushing Locke Insulator Corp.
U 2,292,248 August 4, 1942 Bushing
Bushing composed of several parts with open chambers
STEVENS, Leland J.
Bushing Locke Insulator Corp.
U 2,513,958 July 4, 1950 Electric Insulating Bushing and Glass Therefore
Glass capacitor bushing and improved seal with metal parts
OMLEY, Herbert A.
Bushing General Electric Co.
U 3,116,362 December 31, 1963 Insulating Bushing Assembly with Spring Retaining Means
Porcelain bushing with a retaining spring.
RANKIN, Lawrence H.
Bushing The Hartford Faience Co.

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