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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 539,123 May 14, 1895 Cross Arm for Carrying Electrical Wires
Angle iron crossarm with wood support for insulator pins
ECKERT, Thomas T.
U 600,397 March 8, 1898 Arm for Telegraph Poles
Crossarm for multiple pins
Crossarm 1/2 to Wallace B. Howard and Alex Staggs
U 804,630 November 14, 1905 Support for Pole Crossarms
Metal bracket to attach a wooden crossarm to the pole and to prevent the crossarm from moving up or down from horizontal and eliminate the need to mortise the pole.
SHORT, Edward C.
U 809,743 January 9, 1906 Crossarm for Carrying High-Tension Wires
Crossarm and insulators made of glass or other insulating material
PETERY, Evan E. P.
Crossarm 1/2 to Samuel Bowsher
U 838,537 December 18, 1906 Cross Arm for Electrical Construction
Steel crossarm with threaded pins on top and threaded holes underneath for hooks
U 884,142 April 7, 1908 Insulator
Cylindrical insulator with spiraling ribs to screw insulator into crossarm, center groove to hold line wire, external grooves to carry water away and drip points or serrations to allow water to drip down
FOREMAN, Ernest Jay
U 1,029,207 June 11, 1912 Insulator Support
Crossarm composed of reinforced concrete
MEGAHAN, Oliver P.
U 1,032,715 July 16, 1912 Insulator
Crossarms formed from metal pipe with insulators molded on the metal pins
U 1,047,176 December 17, 1912 Cross Arm
Crossarm stamped out of sheet metal and easy to install
CRABTREE, Lawrence L.
RIPLEY, T. Charley
U 1,173,418 February 29, 1916 Pole Cross-Arm
Metal pole crossarm with curved bracket that can be bolted to the pole
ETTE, Charles G.
Crossarm St. Louis Malleable Casting Co.
U 1,175,077 March 14, 1916 Sheet Metal Pole Arm
Crossarm made of sheet metal.
PEIRCE, JR., Charles L.
U 1,199,972 October 3, 1916 Pole-Arm
A metal crossarm that can be bolted to a wooden pole
ETTE, Charles G.
Crossarm St. Louis Malleable Casting Co.
U 1,257,769 February 26, 1918 Telephone Pole Cross Arm
Crossarm made of U-shaped metal channel iron fitted with knob insulators bolted to the crossarm. A lower crossarm is then bolted on its ends to the upper crossarm.
VINCELL, Lafayette M.

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