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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 192,628 July 3, 1877 Improvement in Lightning Rods
Glass lightning rod ball with silver or gold coating on the inside
SMITH, Charles H.
Lightning Rod Ornament  
U 215,028 May 6, 1879 Improvement in Weather Vanes
Metallic weather vane fitted with panes of colored glass in the tail
TURNER, Edward S.
Lightning Rod Ornament  
U 243,021 June 14, 1881 Lightning Rod Ornament
Lightning rod ornament consisting of a skeleton of metal wires in the shape of a ball
WELIN, Andrew J.
Lightning Rod Ornament  
U 343,332 June 8, 1886 Ball Ornament for Lightning Rods
Glass ball ornament for lightning rods
MUNSON, Alvin Johnston
Lightning Rod Ornament  
U 355,655 January 4, 1887 Ball Ornament for Lightning Rods, &c.
Lightning rod ball colored or silvered on the inside with a hollow glass tube to receive the rod and same sealed at the ball to prevent moisture or water from entering the ball
MUNSON, Alvin J.
Lightning Rod Ornament  
U 492,512 February 28, 1893 Lightning Rod Ball
Hollow glass ball with metal tube inserted that is flanged on each end to secure it in the ball
HUM, Edward K.
Lightning Rod Ornament  
U 510,837 December 12, 1893 Lightning Rod Ornament
Lightning rod ornamental ball with bushing to secure the ball around the rod
COLE, John J.
Lightning Rod Ornament  
U 556,984 March 24, 1896 Lightning Rod Ball
Method of silvering the interior of the ball and protecting the silver with a coating
HUM, Edward K.
Lightning Rod Ornament  
D 56,715 November 30, 1920 Design for a Ball for Lightning Rods and Barn Ventilators
Glass ball with spiralling and intersecting grooves on the surface
Lightning Rod Ornament  

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