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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 115,521 May 30, 1871 Improvement in Insulators for Telegraph Wires
Threadless insulator with metal thimble cemented in pinhole
READ, Horatio
Thimble 1/2 to B. B. Hagerty
U 949,604 February 15, 1910 System of Insulation
Thimble shaped suspension insulator separated by tubular insulator
U 1,219,862 March 20, 1917 Separable Insulator Thimble Structure
Thimble designed to be removable with external & internal threads
PEIRCE, JR., Charles L.
Thimble Hubbard & Co.
U 1,268,315 June 4, 1918 Insulator Thimble
Thimble (threaded) for cementing in pin hole
BECKER, Raymond A.
MADDEX, Thomas E.
U 1,315,998 September 16, 1919 Insulator Support Thimble
Thimble with standard external threads pressed out of sheet metal and attached to a steel pin
U 1,328,687 January 20, 1920 Insulator Support
Thimble of metal for multipart insulator
PLIMPTON, Bentley A.
U 1,737,999 December 3, 1929 Insulator
Thimble that screws into the pinhole and screws onto a special steel pin
GODDARD, Walter T.
Thimble Locke Insulator Corp.
U 2,323,967 July 13, 1943 Thimble Equipped Insulator
Malleable metal thimble cemented in the pinhole with a flange to cover the cement
BARNITZ, Richard W.
Thimble Porcelain Products, Inc.

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