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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 61,390 January 22, 1867 Improved Compound for Telegraph Insulators, and for Other Purposes
Heating earthenware insulators to 400-500 degrees and dipping into asphaltic compound that has been mixed with sulfur, silicic acid, and silicate of alumina to provide a hard, weather-resistant coating
U Specimen known 87,187 February 23, 1869 Improved Composition Insulator for Telegraph and other Electric Conductors
Composition material of silica, gum shellac etc. molded
U 124,201 March 5, 1872 Improvement in Compounds for Insulating Telegraph Wires, etc.
Coating mixture for his patented insulators
FARMER, Moses G.
U Specimen known 158,868 January 19, 1875 Improvement in Insulating Compounds
Hook with composition compound of shellac, asbestos, coal tar & oak black
SMITH, Isaac
Hook 1/2 to George A. Chapman
U 271,994 February 6, 1883 Electrical Insulator
Method of treating steatite to make artificial lava insulation
STEWARD, Demetrius M.
U 308,778 December 2, 1884 Composition for Making Non-Conducting Handles for Sad-Irons, &c.
Mixture of mica and glue to make solid non-conducting composition handles
LEE, Charles Tennant
U 361,759 April 26, 1887 Composition for Pipes, Artificial Stone, etc.
Composition formula of Gilsonite
GILSON, Samuel H.
Composition 1/2 to George Goss, Sr.
U 386,925 July 31, 1888 Electrical Non-Conductor
Non-conducting composition material composed of mica and glue used to coat cheese cloth and made in thin sheets, which are then coated with shellac to repel moisture
LEE, Charles Tennant
WAITE, Charles N.
Composition 1/2 to The Gould & Watson Co.
U Specimen known 389,519 September 11, 1888 Composition of Matter
Composition material composed of mica and shellac that can be molded (Rick Soller's threaded pin-type specimen)
LEE, Charles Tennant
U 396,334 January 15, 1889 Overhead Insulator
Composition ""Gilsonite"" insulator & metal/wood covering (Brown p. 60)
GILSON, Samuel H.
U 409,985 August 27, 1889 Composition of Matter
Composition material composed of mica and water glass
LEE, Charles Tennant
Composition 1/2 to The Gould & Watson Co.
U 415,864 November 26, 1889 Composition for Overhead Insulators
Composition insulator from ""Gilsonite""
GILSON, Samuel H.
U 566,045 August 18, 1896 Insulator for Electrical Purposes
Protective shield of metal with non-conducting enameled coating
WHITAKER, Alfred J. P.
TREHARNE, Frederick G.
Protective Shield  
U 751,664 February 9, 1904 Electric Insulator
Composition insulator of asbestos (Brown p. 57 & 71)
LYMAN, Thomas T.
Composition H. W. Johns-Manville Co.
U 897,636 September 1, 1908 Process for Making Feldspar Flux
Feldspar flux, method of preparing
LOCKE, Fred M.
U 1,009,630 November 21, 1911 Insulating Compound
Insulator composition made of asbestos, flint, and calcium hydrate.
BARRINGER, Lawrence E.
  General Electric Co.
U 1,409,091 March 7, 1922 Cement
Cement composition
GODDARD, Walter T.
Cement Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,512,299 October 21, 1924 Temporary Binder for Ceramic Bodies
Use of wheat flour to act as an organic binder to aid in holding the shape of a ceramic material before it is fired
NAGLE, Josehp A.
Manufacturing Jeffery-Dewitt Co.
U 1,925,058 August 29, 1933 Process for Forming Plastic Clay Masses
Wet process clay reflocculation method to eliminate pugging process
ROWLAND, Davidge H.
Wet Process Locke Insulator Corp.
U 2,201,049 May 14, 1940 Glass Fabrication Process and Mold
Glass bushing making process
Manufacturing General Electric Co.
U 3,836,705 September 17, 1974 Electrical Insulator and Conducting Tar Therefore
RFI prevention using conductive tar to coat insulator and metal surfaces for cementing
RFI Canadian Porcelain Co.

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