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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 11,217 July 4, 1854 Improvement in Lightning Rods for Vessels
Lightning rod system tied to the ship's masts and grounded to the copper sheathing on the hull
FORBES, Robert B.
Lightning Rod  
U 295,073 March 11, 1884 Telegraph Wire Supporter
Split insulator that fits around conductor and connected to adjacent split insulator with tie-wire
STONE, Ross C.
U 503,778 August 22, 1893 Insulator for Electric Wires
Clamp type cylindrical 2 piece
TRIMBLE, William D.
Clamp Type  
U 552,501 December 31, 1895 Insulator
Self-tying clamp with cam lever (see 805,169)
SNIVELY, Charles H.
Self-tying Miscellaneous  
U 1,027,601 May 28, 1912 Insulator and Support
Clamp type mounted in spike
GRESSETT, Lawrence F.
Clamp Type  
U 1,960,171 May 22, 1934 Line Holder for Electric Wires
Wireholder that allows tie-off without the use of tie wires by means of a hole in the insulator and slotted top and crown grooves
SEEGER, Adolph M.

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