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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 437,685 October 7, 1890 Insulator
Coating on exterior of insulator to color code line
GAYNOR, Thomas F.
Coating The Gaynor Electric Co.
U 566,045 August 18, 1896 Insulator for Electrical Purposes
Protective shield of metal with non-conducting enameled coating
WHITAKER, Alfred J. P.
TREHARNE, Frederick G.
Protective Shield  
U 1,128,747 February 16, 1915 Method of Manufacturing Porcelain Insulators
Manufacturing process for porcelain insulator firing unglazed, then filling porous porcelain with oxidizable oil and rendering the oil stable with ozone to form a coating to replace expense of firing on a glaze
BOEHM, Wilhelm
U Specimen known 1,700,066 January 22, 1929 Insulator for Radio Frequency Currents
Radio strain insulator made from Pyrex glass for antennas
Radio Corning Glass Works
U 1,702,236 February 12, 1929 High Tension Insulator Construction
Suspension disk with ""capacity gland"" to prevent electrical streamers and provide a balanced electrical field
AUSTIN, Arthur O.
Suspension The Ohio Brass Co.
U 2,264,428 December 2, 1941 Article of Ceramic of Vitreous Material
Manufacturing method to improve quality of porcelain during firing
AUSTIN, Arthur O.
Manufacturing The Ohio Brass Co.
U 2,357,550 September 5, 1944 Insulator
RFI coating applied before firing the insulator
ROWLAND, Davidge H.
RFI Locke Insulator Corp.

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