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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 25,823 October 18, 1859 Improved Lightning Rod
Lightning rod made by wrapping thin copper sheet metal around a steel rod
HALL, William
Lightning Rod  
R 2,888 March 3, 1868 Improvement in Lightning Rods
Lightning rod made by wrapping thin copper sheet metal around a steel rod (see 25,823)
HALL, William
Lightning Rod  
U 145,641 December 16, 1873 Improvement in Couplings for Tubular Lightning Rods
Means of coupling tubular lightning rods
FRITSCH, Joseph W.
Lightning Rod  
U 145,851 December 23, 1873 Improvement in Lightning Rods
Lightning rod made of tubular metal with annular corregations on each end that fitted together to connect two rod sections
DREW, Joseph
Lightning Rod  
U 173,905 February 22, 1876 Improvement in Lightning Rods
Lightning rod made of sealed tubular metal with indentions running around the outside as the threads of a screw adding strength and allowing easy joining of sections
COE, Henry L.
Lightning Rod The Manhattan Brass Co.
U 173,962 February 22, 1876 Improvement in Couplings for Tubing and Lightning Rods
Coupling made of a short hollow piece placed inside both ends of the rod and crimped down through the rod ends to secure the sections
Lightning Rod Coupling Reyburn, Hunter & Co.
U 518,793 April 24, 1894 Lightning Rod and Coupling
Couple with internal threads to screw sections together
SMITH, John W.
Lightning Rod Coupling  
U 630,334 August 8, 1899 Machine for Making Lightning Rods
Machine for making lightning rods that are easily bent to aid in installation
DODD, West
Lightning Rod Machine  

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