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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 280,947 July 10, 1883 Insulator for Electrical Conductors
Cylindrical insulator suspended from wire to hold bar separates several wires
OHL, Percy C.
U 295,073 March 11, 1884 Telegraph Wire Supporter
Split insulator that fits around conductor and connected to adjacent split insulator with tie-wire
STONE, Ross C.
U 443,174 December 23, 1890 Insulator
Wooden insulator used in a trolley wire hanger
EMMET, William Le Roy
U 448,703 March 24, 1891 Support for Electric Line Wires
Hanger insulator for trolley conductor
WIRT, Herbert C.
U 450,294 April 14, 1891 Insulator
Hanger - bell type for trolley
LIEB, Charles A.
Hanger Charles A. Lieb
U 459,686 September 15, 1891 Insulator
Strain type
GERRARD, Clarence L.
U 466,391 January 5, 1892 Insulator
Cylinder of wood used for trolley wire hanger
ANDREWS, William S.
Wood The Edison General Electric Co.
U 467,942 February 2, 1892 Insulator
Suspension type using mica sheets with metal case
LEE, Charles T.
Suspension 1/2 to The Gould & Watson Co.
U 470,417 March 8, 1892 Insulator for Trolley Wires
Cylinder of wood used for trolley wire hanger
ANDREWS, William S.
BALL, Henry Price
Wood The Edison General Electric Co.
U 576,392 February 2, 1897 Insulator
Trolley hanger
Trolley Hanger The Billings & Spencer Co.
U 579,725 March 30, 1897 Insulator and Holder for Electric Railways
Trolley hanger insulator suspended from a cable. It is composed of an inverted insulator cup and a metal cover.
KEITHLY, Willie C.
Trolley Hanger  
U 882,979 March 24, 1908 Strain Insulator
Wood strain insulator with metal caps on each end and special eye to receive a hook
TERRY, William C.
Strain The MacAllen Co.
U Specimen known 927,186 July 6, 1909 High Potential Strain Insulator
Electrose strain insulator, specimen marked with this patent
U 1,166,391 December 28, 1915 Insulator
Disk type strain with petticoats
U 1,185,700 June 6, 1916 Insulator for Trolley Wires
Trolley hanger insulator
MOSS, Benton C.
Trolley 1/2 to Charles Fritts
U 1,210,687 January 2, 1917 Insulator Suspension Bracket
Bracket, sheet metal U-shaped for long spans attached to a cable
PEIRCE, JR., Charles L.
Bracket 1/2 to Hubbard & Co.
U 1,348,534 August 3, 1920 Insulator Bracket
Bracket to attach to a cable to lead a telephone wire down to a building
BEINE, Charles H.
Bracket 1/2 to George C. Brown
U 1,956,526 April 24, 1934 Insulated Support for Electric Cables
Clamp type with wire hanger
Clamp Type Ellmann, Inc.

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