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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U Specimen known 114,924 May 16, 1871 Improvement in Telegraph Insulators
CD 158.1 with metal ring with fingers to hold wire
CHESTER, Stephen
U Specimen known 276,839 May 1, 1883 Insulator for Telegraph Wires
CD 110.5 & CD 110.6 spiral groove crown & clamp for line wire
LEWIS, Joseph Slater
U Specimen known 290,922 December 25, 1883 Insulator for Electrical Conductors
CD 110.5 & CD 110.6 spiral crown with opposing internal threads & wire clamp
POPE, Frank L.
U 313,377 March 3, 1885 Clamp for Binding Wires to Insulators
Tie wire clamp (non-mechanical)
SAWYER, William H.
Tie Wire  
U 347,454 August 17, 1886 Telegraph Wire and Insulator Fastening
Self-tying with retainer for holding wire in groove
Self-tying Miscellaneous  
U 394,380 December 11, 1888 Wire Holder for Insulators
Tie wire standard method
LLOYD, Edwin L.
Tie Wire  
U 408,383 August 6, 1889 Line Wire Insulator
Self-tying with bail wire and slot top
GRAHAM, Carroll G.
Self-tying Miscellaneous  
U 410,637 September 10, 1889 Insulator
Tie wire bridle for wire in insulator groove
DAVIS, William M.
Tie Wire  
U 434,144 August 12, 1890 Electric Insulator
Tie wire clip
Tie Wire  
U 443,174 December 23, 1890 Insulator
Wooden insulator used in a trolley wire hanger
EMMET, William Le Roy
U 448,703 March 24, 1891 Support for Electric Line Wires
Hanger insulator for trolley conductor
WIRT, Herbert C.
U 448,956 March 24, 1891 Electric Insulator
Self-tying via metal band screwed on top
GRAHAM, George H.
Self-tying Miscellaneous  
U 465,961 December 29, 1891 Insulator
Wireholder (G.S.A.) (see Electrical Engineer 1-20-1892)
ALBANESE, Giuseppe Sacco
U 475,781 May 31, 1892 Electric Wire Holder
Tie wire made of a loop of wire with pre-formed loops on the ends to connect together and curved to interlock with the line wire
LLOYD, Edwin L.
Tie Wire  
U 491,208 February 7, 1893 Insulator Clip
Tie wire clip
EDMUNDS, William H.
Tie Wire  
U Specimen known 504,059 August 29, 1893 Insulator
CD 141.6, bail type clamping lever to hold line wire
U 530,361 December 4, 1894 Tool for Lineman's Use
Lineman's tool to remove or apply the tie wire loop on an insulator
SMITH, Solomon
MISHLER, Milton B.
U 544,959 August 20, 1895 Insulator
Wire sheath fit in insulator groove
COLLINS, Reuben G.
FOLEY, Frank W.
U Specimen known 557,881 April 7, 1896 Insulator
CD 134.6 bail wire system double-groove insulator (Cosner specimen)
RAPPLEYE, Hannibal W.
U 558,509 April 21, 1896 Wire Clamp for Telegraph or Similar Wires
Tie wire clamp with cam lever
Tie Wire  
U 601,454 March 29, 1898 Clamping Buckle for Electric Line Wires
Bail wire system for tie wire
WEIKMAN, Augustus H.
Bail Wire  
U 609,888 August 30, 1898 Clamp for Electric Wires
Tie wire clamp with wing nut
LEONARD, Sylvester S.
Tie Wire  
U 619,915 February 21, 1899 Tie-Wire or Clasp for Insulators
Tie wire clip
Tie Wire The Inventor's Novelty Mfg. Co.
U 679,544 July 30, 1901 Insulator for Electric Wires
Self-tying miscellaneous
Self-tying Miscellaneous 1/2 to Newton Bartle
U 742,890 November 3, 1903 Telephone Tie Wire
Tie wire consisting of loop of wire with preformed ends to wrap around the line wire
MOORE, JR., George F.
Tie Wire  
U 782,676 February 14, 1905 Arrangement for Securing Wires on Insulators
Tie wire clip
MACEK, Johann
Tie Wire  
U 810,618 January 23, 1906 Insulator Clamp
Clamp for crown of multipart insulator
CLARK, Walter G.
U 814,887 March 13, 1906 Insulator Attachment
Tie wire camming lever
Tie Wire  
U 848,473 March 26, 1907 Insulating Clamp
Clamp type for cable top of multi
LEE, Thomas B.
Clamp Type  
U 851,222 April 23, 1907 Insulator Clamp
Clamping device to hold conductor cable in crown groove (used on M-3740)
CLARK, Walter G.
Insulator The Clark Electric & Mfg. Co.
U 864,599 August 27, 1907 Insulator Tie for Electric Wires
Tie wire clamp
BECKETT, William R.
Tie Wire  
U 877,101 January 21, 1908 Clip for Fixing Conducting Wires to Insulators
Tie wire consisting of long links that fits around the insulator with a plate to secure the line wire against the insulator
MACEK, Johann
Tie Wire  
U 882,095 March 17, 1908 Wire Tie for Insulators
Tie wire clip
Tie Wire  
U 884,641 April 14, 1908 Hanging Insulator
Suspension with multipart shells and cable clamp
CLARK, Walter G.
U 885,678 April 21, 1908 Insulator for Heavy Currents
Heavy duty Electrose insulator that was bolted to supports and had several horizontal flanges or skirts.
U 886,774 May 5, 1908 Wire Tie
Tie wire consisting of a J-shaped wire looped on each end to secure it to the line wire
DREW, Harry A.
Tie Wire  
U 887,896 May 19, 1908 Tie Wire Clamp
Cable clamp to hold conductor in top groove of insulator consisting of two flat metal strips with eyelets on each end to receive the cable clamp
Cable Clamp  
U 887,930 May 19, 1908 Means for Attaching Line Wires to Insulators
Tie wire clip
ELLIOTT, Chester J.
Tie Wire  
U 888,763 May 26, 1908 Line Wire Fastener
Tie wire replacement consisting of wire, metal strap, and lever
STANTON, Fafayette
Tie Wire 5/100 to Forsyth Mfg. Co.
U 907,788 December 29, 1908 Insulator Clip
Tie wire clip
HALL, Alphonso R.
Tie Wire 1/2 to Lynn Maxson
U 914,837 March 9, 1909 Line Support
Tie wires wrapped around the neck of the insulator and clamped to the conductor on each end.
Tie Wire  
U 934,352 September 14, 1909 Line Wire Connector
Tie wire clip (U.S. Army)
PRATT, John Sedgwick
Tie Wire  
U 940,034 November 16, 1909 Wire-supporting Device
Tie wire clip
LEADON, JR., John M.
Tie Wire  
U 946,623 January 18, 1910 Insulator for Electric lines
Metal cap cemented on crown to hold wire in crown or side groove
VARNEY, Theodore
Cap Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
U 946,722 January 18, 1910 Insulator Clamp
Replacement for a tie wire consisting of a curved or looped bolt and metal strap to bolt on the insulator and clamp the line wire securely
CLARK, Walter G.
Tie Wire  
U 954,350 April 5, 1910 Insulator
Wire groove on top with enlarged crown to aid in tying (see 1,229,272)
SILER, Andrew J.
Wire 1/3 to Aaron Siler & 1/3 to Sumner Siler
U Specimen known 966,583 August 9, 1910 Insulator Protecting Apparatus
Multipart protected by arcing ring
U 966,882 August 9, 1910 Attachment of Telegraph and similar Line Wires to Insulators
Tie wire clip
Tie Wire  
U 980,495 January 3, 1911 Wire Retainer and Insulator Guard
Self-tying via wire retainer & insulator guard
CRAWFORD, JR., George W.
Self-tying Miscellaneous  
U 992,595 May 16, 1911 Insulator Line Attaching Device
Tie wire clip
Tie Wire  
U 1,015,513 January 23, 1912 Wire Tie
Complex replacement for tie wire consisting of metal U that wraps around the insulator, clamps to the line wire in the center, and clamps on each end of the U to attach to the line wire
Tie Wire  
U 1,020,122 March 12, 1912 Electrical Insulator
miscellaneous complicated design of multiple parts and cemented bushing
BOLTON, Daniel G.
Miscellaneous Frank S. Diener
U 1,040,620 October 8, 1912 Insulator Clamp
Clamp, metal to secure conductor to insulator
CLARK, Walter G.
U 1,042,199 October 22, 1912 Wire Clamp
Tie wire loop and lever
Tie Wire  
U 1,048,587 December 31, 1912 Wire Holder for Insulators
Tie wire clip
REIFFER, Anthony J.
MAYS, David P.
Tie Wire  
U 1,054,138 February 25, 1913 Means for Attaching Wires and Cables to Insulators
Clamping wire device to eliminate tie wire (French gingerbread man)
PARRA, Henri
Clamp Type Societe H. Parra Et. Cie.
U 1,061,311 May 13, 1913 Line Wire Fastener
Tie wire replacement consisting of a metal U that clips the wire and lever to tighten around the insulator
MORGAN, Arthur M.
Tie Wire  
U 1,067,246 July 15, 1913 Wire Clamp for Insulators
Tie wire camming lever
Tie Wire 1/2 to H. A. Dusky
U 1,100,859 June 23, 1914 Line Wire Fastener
Complicated tie wire replacement with cam lever on each side of the insulator to pull the tie wire tight
WISEMAN, Thomas A.
Tie Wire 1/2 to Robert T. Wiseman
U 1,105,521 July 28, 1914 Insulator Attachment
Tie wire clamp
Tie Wire  
U 1,118,545 November 24, 1914 Wire Clamp for Insulators
Complicated tie wire replacement with U-bolt and metal strap to secure and clamp to the line wire
Tie Wire  
U 1,119,049 December 1, 1914 Insulator Clamp
Tie wire crank lever
SMITH, Amos L.
Tie Wire  
U 1,140,603 May 25, 1915 Insulator Clamp
Tie wire clamp for multipart insulator that clamps around the crown and hold the cable in the top groove
LEE, William S.
Tie Wire  
U 1,168,796 January 18, 1916 Wire Holder and Insulator
FRENCH, Clarkson S.
Self-tying Miscellaneous  
U 1,190,763 July 11, 1916 Insulator Clamp
Insulator clamp to secure the conductor in the top groove of a multipart insulator.
HATCH, Edwin G.
Clamp Clark Electric and Mfg. Co.
U 1,215,245 February 6, 1917 Tie Wire for Insulators
Tie wire clip
BOYTER, Robert L.
Tie Wire  
U 1,220,333 March 27, 1917 Insulator Clamp
Clamp, metal to secure conductor to insulator
HATCH, Edwin G.
U 1,235,592 August 7, 1917 Device for Attaching Conductors to Insulators
Tie wire preformed in such a way to make attachment easier
PARRA, Henri
Tie Wire Soc. H. Parra & Cie.
U 1,247,531 November 20, 1917 Support for Line Wires
Tie wire clip
HEAD, Vernon
Tie Wire  
U 1,276,228 August 20, 1918 Line Wire Connector
Tie wire replacement using a preformed sheet metal loop with curved ends that fit over the line wire
KEENAN, James Condon
KEENAN, Michael Henry
Tie Wire  
U 1,346,128 July 13, 1920 Device for Attachment of Electric Conductors to Insulators
Tie wire clip
KREBS, Frederick H.
Tie Wire  
U 1,358,521 November 9, 1920 Device for Attaching Wires to Insulators
Tie wire using a double loop of wire
CLARK, Robert L.
Tie Wire  
U 1,564,918 December 8, 1925 Insulator Clamp
Clamp fitting in tie-wire groove to hold conductor
WILLIAMS, Joseph Thomas
U 1,858,873 May 17, 1932 Wire Support for Insulators
Tie wire using complicate preformed tie wire
ASP, Knoch
Tie Wire  
U 2,117,381 May 17, 1938 Insulator Cap
Tie wire replacement using a cap or collar that fits around the insulator to hold the line wire that can be installed from the ground
WARD, Leonard
Tie Wire  
U 2,235,102 March 18, 1941 Insulator
Electric fence with bracket to attach an easily adjustable insulator to a T-post
FLEENER, Charles M.
U 2,283,663 May 19, 1942 Connector
Metal connector to replace the tie wire to hold the conductor on the insulator
BUGG, Kenly C.
Tie Wire  
U 2,396,895 March 19, 1946 Conductor Grip for Insulators
Tie wire replacement for Hi-Top styles using a preformed sheet metal strap and ears that fold over the line wire
SINES, Harold S.
Tie Wire  
U 2,411,007 November 12, 1946 Means for Fastening Conductors to Insulators
Tie wire made from hard metal wire that fits in the top conductor groove with line wire wrapped around the ends
SHAW, Douglas Thomas
Tie Wire  
U 2,585,249 February 12, 1952 Clip for Holding Electrical Conducting Wires to Insulating Supports
Tie wire replacement made from preformed spring metal clip
JOHNSON, Lawrence
Tie Wire  
U 2,816,155 December 10, 1957 Insulator Clamp
Tie wire replacement using a preformed adjustable sheet metal loop
BARNES, Robert I.
Tie Wire  
U 2,843,653 July 15, 1958 Conductor Insulator Clamp
Tie wire replacement using a preformed bail wire design
MIX, Chauncey C.
Tie Wire  

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