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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U Specimen known 66,054 June 25, 1867 Improvement in Lightning Rod Insulators
Lightning rod insulator (glass) with tie wire to hold conductor
Lightning Rod Insulator 1/2 to E. Morse
U 470,417 March 8, 1892 Insulator for Trolley Wires
Cylinder of wood used for trolley wire hanger
ANDREWS, William S.
BALL, Henry Price
Wood The Edison General Electric Co.
U Specimen known 520,855 June 5, 1894 Feed Wire Insulator
Composition insulator with ears bent over to secure cable
LIEB, Charles A.
Composition General Electric Co.
U 570,034 October 27, 1896 Insulator
Third rail insulator
MARTIN, Charles B.
HEWLETT, Edward M.
Third Rail General Electric Co.
U 710,282 September 30, 1902 Insulator
Block with metal tabs bent to hold wire
U 717,322 December 30, 1902 Insulator for High Potential Lines
Metal clad suspenion insulator.
BARRY, Charles E.
Suspension General Electric Co.
U 955,661 April 19, 1910 Insulator
Under crossarm type (see 1,694,415)
MOORE, William Enoch
Under Crossarm  
U 1,010,077 November 28, 1911 Strain Insulator
Wood strain insulator with metal caps and eyelet on one end
SCHAAKE, William
Strain Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
U 1,324,559 December 9, 1919 Insulating Support
Suspension cap and pin to improve strength of connection
LANYON, Samuel H.
U 1,458,755 June 12, 1923 Insulator
Improved method of connection sections of strain insulators
GODDARD, Walter T.
Multipart Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,481,080 January 15, 1924 Insulator
Antenna or guy strain insulator consisting of a bar of porcelain with longitudinal ribs and metal caps on the ends
AUSTIN, Arthur O.
Antenna The Ohio Brass Co.
U 1,712,900 May 14, 1929 Method of Making Forged Insulator Caps
Method to manufacture steel cap for suspension disks
Manufacturing Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,725,097 August 20, 1929 Insulator Structure
Metal parts of suspension insulators are coated with rubber or resin to help prevent or reduce flashover
NAYLOR, William K.
Suspension Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
U 1,738,188 December 3, 1929 Insulating Support
Suspension cap, pin and connector
LANYON, Samuel Herbert
Suspension Lapp Insulator Co.
U 1,739,637 December 17, 1929 Insulator
Multipart porcelain pedestal insulator with threaded holes in the metal cap to bolt another insulator on top
Pedestal Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,902,310 March 21, 1933 Method of Making Insulator Caps
Method of pressing out a malleable metal cap
PLIMPTON, Bentley A.
Manufacturing Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,994,266 March 12, 1935 Insulator
Suspension cap design to allow for expansion of the cap without breaking off the insulator head
AUSTIN, Arthur O.
Suspension The Ohio Brass Co.
D 114,352 April 18, 1939 Design for an Electric Insulator
Suspension insulator
U 2,870,244 January 20, 1959 Glass Insulator Assembly Units
Glass toughened by stream of air after forming
Glass Pilkington Brothers Limited
U 2,972,211 February 21, 1961 Method of Manufacturing a Glass Insulator
Method of tempering glass insulators where the head is toughened more than the rest of the insulator
MACINTOSH, Hamish Fraser
Glass Pilkington Brothers Ltd.
U 3,217,095 November 9, 1965 Cast Aluminum Insulator Cap
Suspension cap made of cast aluminum
ROSS, Frank S.
VAN TUYL, Thomas Oliver
Suspension American-International Aluminum Corp.
U 4,427,844 January 24, 1984 Metal Capped Electrical Insulator and Method of Making Same
Suspension (glass) where the aluminum alloy cap is molded in place
SABY, Charles
PERRIER, Jean-Paul
Suspension Ceraver

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