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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U Specimen known 289,890 December 11, 1883 Telegraph and Telephone Conductor
Lightning rod insulator system to protect telephone lines from cross talk
CHAMBERS, Josephus C.
Lightning Rod Insulator Vine, Jackson, Gridley
U 477,753 June 28, 1892 Insulator
Clamp type
GOOLD, Frederick D'A
Clamp Type The Edison General Electric Co.
U Specimen known 925,561 June 22, 1909 Suspension of High Tension Lines
Suspension system for high tension transmission
BUCK, Harold W.
HEWLETT, Edward M.
Suspension General Electric Co.
U 1,326,307 December 30, 1919 Method of and Means for Supporting Electric Conductors
Rod type insulators used as suspension insulators for high voltage conductors.
THOMAS, Percy H.
U 1,702,235 February 12, 1929 System of Line Insulation and Insulators Therefor
Odd Electrose insulator
U 2,305,069 December 15, 1942 Means of Attaching Service Wires
Circular bracket that fits under an insulator or rack spool with holes to allow easy dropping of wires connected to the line
EMGE, Paul W.
U Specimen known 2,517,221 August 1, 1950 Secondary and Service Rack Insulator
Knob - specimens exist called ""pencil holder""
LOUX, Raymond A.
U Specimen known 2,921,112 January 12, 1960 Electric Conductor Strand Separator Insulator
Spacer for conductors
DYKSTRA, Laurence J.
Spacer The Porcelain Insulator Corp.

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