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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 173,963 February 22, 1876 Improvement in Lightning Rods
Lightning rod with solid supporting rod fitted inside and screwed into the rod coupling on each end
PRICE, David A.
Lightning Rod Reyburn, Hunter & Co.
U 186,503 January 23, 1877 Improvement in Lightning Rod Connector Clips
Coupling or connector clip composed of flat metal bent around the adjoining rod with external threads formed on the end so the rod can be screwed onto the clip
SHOOK, Albert
Lightning Rod Coupling  
U 192,718 July 3, 1877 Improvement in Couplings for Lightning Rods
Coupling for tubular lightning rods with male and female parts allowing the ends to be screwed together
SMITH, Charles H.
Lightning Rod Coupling  
U 201,059 March 5, 1878 Improvement in Lightning Rod Connections
Coupling for lightning rod with matching male and female threads applied to the ends of rods and then the whole galvanized to make one continuous rod section
SMITH, Charles H.
Lightning Rod Coupling  
U 211,441 January 14, 1879 Improvement in Lightning Rod Couplings
Coupling for lightning rod that is cast in iron on the ends of the rods and provided with male and female threaded ends
TURNER, Edward S.
Lightning Rod Coupling  
U 279,274 June 12, 1883 Binding Post
Knob with grooves to wrap line wire around
Knob Western Electric Co.
U 938,137 October 26, 1909 Lightning Rod
Lightning rod coupling not made of copper but maintaining a copper contact
GOETZ, Julius F.
Lightning Rod Coupling  

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