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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 273,179 February 27, 1883 Lightning Conductor
Lightning rod system with an extended earth terminal utilizing a fence
SPANG, Henry W.
Lightning Rod  
U 295,073 March 11, 1884 Telegraph Wire Supporter
Split insulator that fits around conductor and connected to adjacent split insulator with tie-wire
STONE, Ross C.
U 298,357 May 13, 1884 Lightning Conductor
Lightning rod system using barbed wire
DODGE, Thomas H.
Lightning Rod  
U 317,908 May 12, 1885 Electric Conductor for Wire Fence
Lightning protection for wire fence
Lightning Rod Fence  
U 319,300 June 2, 1885 Lightning Arrester for Wire Fence
Lightning protection for wire fence
MORTON, William Arthur
Lightning Rod Fence  
U Specimen known 357,050 February 1, 1887 Lightning Protector for Electrical Conductors
Barbed wire as a conductor for lightning protection placed above the electrical conductors on poles
VAIL, Jonathan H.
U 401,095 April 9, 1889 Lightning Conductor for Wire Fences
Lightning rod connecting all strands of barbed wire fencing to ground to prevent lightning killing cattle which are standing near the fence
WOOD, Fremont E.
Lightning Rod Fence  
U 413,146 October 15, 1889 Insulator
Tree insulator bracket holding wire with two spool type insulator
Tree Charles Lee & The Gould & Watson Co.
U 541,332 June 18, 1895 Insulator
Miscellaneous 2-part insulator for barbed wire fence
U Specimen known 650,445 May 29, 1900 Insulator
Strain type with ""Z"" shaped groove
U 1,806,170 May 19, 1931 Bracket and Dead-End Insulator
Double deadend bracket with two spool insulators.
LAW, Stanley W.
U Specimen known 2,163,954 June 27, 1939 Electric Fence
Electric fence insulator with bail wire to hold the wire in place.
LUCAS, John A.
Electric Fence Prime Manufacturing Co.
U 2,381,676 August 7, 1945 Insulator
Dry-spot with screw top
MATHEWS, Martin D.
U 2,386,129 October 2, 1945 Self-Attaching Wire Holder
Self-tying wireholder mounted on metal bracket
MAACK, Walter Henry
U 2,434,391 January 13, 1948 Fence Knob
Bracket for electric fence insulator that is strong and easily attached to wooden post without damaging the post. Bracket has two spikes that secure it to the post.
BUSSMANN, Aloysius B.
U Specimen known 2,450,730 October 5, 1948 Post and Insulator for Electric Fences
Electric fence composed of a rod and adjustable insulator to hold the conductor
Electric Fence  
U 2,454,348 November 23, 1948 Latch for Electric Fence Gates
Latch for electric fence using Surge insulators (see 2,350,420) (see design 126,721) (see design 126,722) (see 2,454,348) [see picture 170540955]
SCHILLING, Lorell John
Electric Fence Babson Brothers Co.
U 2,533,621 December 12, 1950 Electric Insulator
Spool type electric fence insulator with ribs and flat area for metal bracket to attach.
PRATT, Elbert H.
Electric Fence  
U Specimen known 2,609,418 September 2, 1952 Adjustably Mounted Insulator Assembly
Electric fence insulator with hexagon head used with metal mounting bracket (see patent 2,756,958)
BINNS, Jack N.
DUGLE, Thomas E.
ALT, Alvin F.
Electric Fence  

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