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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U Specimen known 63,206 March 26, 1867 Improvement in Insulators for Telegraph Wires
Hook encased in metal or wood allows arcing to ground
R 9,484 November 30, 1880 Telegraph Insulator
Hook with metal case secured to crossarm (see 75,889)
FINN, John L.
Hook Amzi S. Dodd and Chinnock Electric Co.
U 280,324 June 26, 1883 Combined Insulator and Lightning arrester
Combined insulator and lightning arrestor
NOBLE, John E.
Lightning Arrestor 1/6 to Charles J. Leming
U Specimen known 880,203 February 25, 1908 Insulator
Suspension insulator with petticoat
DUNCAN, John D. E.
U 883,303 March 31, 1908 Security Lightning Arrester
Lightning rod with multiple separate points arranged along the conductor on the edges of the roof
DRAKE, William E.
Lightning Rod Point  
U 1,001,137 August 22, 1911 Insulator Protector
Arcing device attached to top and bottom of insulator
GODDARD, Walter T.
Arcing Locke Insulator Mfg. Co.
U 1,015,224 January 16, 1912 Insulator
Suspension insulator of insulating rope, hoods, and arcing rods. [This looks very close to the handful of glass suspension insulators found in 2002 in northern CA by Paul Greaves and Mike Spadafora. The glass was most probably made by Hemingray. No markings were found.]
U 1,128,424 February 16, 1915 Insulator
Suspension multipart insulator fitted with arcing horns
DUNCAN, John D. E.
U 1,273,015 July 16, 1918 Electric Insulator
Suspension made of several parts bolted together
THOMAS, Percy H.
U 1,283,651 November 5, 1918 Lightning Arrester
Lightning arrester with hole through top of insulator similar to U-70.
Lightning Arrester/U-70  
U 1,947,321 February 13, 1934 Arcing Horn for Insulators
Arcing horns for Hewlett or other suspension insulator string
VINCENT, Harold Blanchard
SLEEMAN, Harold Parker
Suspension The R. Thomas & Sons Co.
U 2,011,136 August 13, 1935 Protective Apparatus
Arcing gap using flux control insulators
AUSTIN, Arthur O.
Arc Gap The Ohio Brass Co.

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