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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 6,907 November 27, 1849 Improvement in Glazing Pottery-Ware
Transparent and colored glaze for pottery and stone ware
FENTON, Christopher W.
U 114,911 May 16, 1871 Improvement in Galvanic Batteries
Use of paraffin or paraffinic oil to coat surface of battery acid to prevent evaporation
U 1,128,747 February 16, 1915 Method of Manufacturing Porcelain Insulators
Manufacturing process for porcelain insulator firing unglazed, then filling porous porcelain with oxidizable oil and rendering the oil stable with ozone to form a coating to replace expense of firing on a glaze
BOEHM, Wilhelm
U 1,556,570 October 6, 1925 Impregnated Wood and Process of Treating Wood
Treating wood pins and the like under high temperature with Montan wax and a solvent that penetrates the grain and protects it from weather and decay
Pin Montan, Inc.
U 1,621,016 March 15, 1927 Method of and Means for Coating Inner Surfaces of Hollow Bodies
Manufacturing method of spraying gummy coating to the inside of the cement joint of an insulator
Manufacturing Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
U 1,784,392 December 9, 1930 Manufacture of Insulators
Suspension insulator with glazed sanded surfaces to improve strength of cap
ROWLAND, Davidge H.
Suspension Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,973,076 September 11, 1934 Insulator
RFI: coat crown with gold, platinum, bismuth & semi-conductive area
HUNT, Marsden H.
RFI Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
U 1,975,576 October 2, 1934 Method of Applying a Conducting Coating on Insulators
RFI coating of carbon fused to the surface
RFI Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,987,683 January 15, 1935 Insulator
RFI: coat crown with copper glaze to prevent AM radio interference
HUNT, Marsden H.
BARROW, George M.
RFI Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
U Specimen known 2,094,287 September 28, 1937 Method of Manufacturing Multipart Glass Articles
Method to manufacture multiple glass objects (blocks, insulators, etc.)
HOLMES, Minot K.
Method Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,146,596 February 7, 1939 Rubber Insulating Compound and Method of Making the Same
Rubber compound for electrical conductors
SAVAGE, Manuel H.
SPARGO, Francis C.
Rubber General Electric Co.
U 2,154,387 April 11, 1939 Electric Insulator
RFI: coat crown with metallic glaze to prevent radio interference (advertised in Electrical World 8-12-1939)
SLEEMAN, Harold P.
RFI The R. Thomas & Sons Co.
U 2,170,602 August 22, 1939 Method of Producing Glass Building Blocks
Bonding agent applied to mortar bearing block sides
BAUER, John E.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,224,853 December 17, 1940 Method of Manufacturing Ceramic of Vitreous Ware
Manufacturing method to improve quality of porcelain during firing
AUSTIN, Arthur O.
Manufacturing The Ohio Brass Co.
U 2,230,205 January 28, 1941 Process of Connecting a Metal Body to a Vitreous Ceramic Body
Metallic coating to facilitate soldering metal parts onto the insulator
ROWLAND, Davidge H.
Miscellaneous Locke Insulator Corp.
U 2,264,152 November 25, 1941 Method of Forming a Metallic Surface on Ceramic Bodies
RFI metallic coating that strongly adheres to the insulator
ROWLAND, Davidge H.
RFI Locke Insulator Corp.
U 2,274,955 March 3, 1942 High Tension Electric Insulator and Method of Coating Same
RFI: antimony coated top
DYKSTRA, Laurence J.
MEYER, Edwin M.
RFI Victor Insulators, Inc.
U 2,281,173 April 28, 1942 Insulator and Method of Producing Conducting Coating Thereon
RFI prevention using an inexpensive glaze coating
SANTOMIERI, Sebastian L.
RFI Victor Insulators, Inc.
U 2,283,685 May 19, 1942 High Resistance Conducting Coating for Electric Insulators
RFI coating to prevent radio interference
RFI The Ohio Brass Co.
U 2,331,041 October 5, 1943 Method of Surface Treating Glass Containers
Treatment of interior surfaces of glass block
NOBLE, Burton A.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,337,691 December 28, 1943 Method of Making High Strength Ceramic Surfaces
Method of manufacturing insulators using porcelain ""sand"" with a lower coefficient of expansion than the insulator body to rough up the surface and provide a strong cement joint without reducing the effectiveness of the compression glaze (see 2,327,972)
DEWEY, Benjamin F.
Manufacturing Lapp Insulator Co., Inc.
U 2,357,550 September 5, 1944 Insulator
RFI coating applied before firing the insulator
ROWLAND, Davidge H.
RFI Locke Insulator Corp.
U 2,867,551 January 6, 1959 Apparatus and Method for Applying Conductive Coatings to Insulators
Radio treatment process for CD 239
RFI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,953,483 September 20, 1960 Method and Apparatus for Applying Coatings to Selected Areas of Articles
Radio treatment process for CD 239
TOROK, Julius J.
RFI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 3,093,508 June 11, 1963 Method of Coating Glass
Silicone coated glass that can be used for insulators
Glass Coating  
U 3,589,986 June 29, 1971 Method of Fabricating a Glass Forming Apparatus
Plating of molds with Chromium for glass blocks & TV faceplates
NULL, Carroll Thomas
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 3,658,583 April 25, 1972 Method for Producing Semi-Conducting Glaze Compositions for Electric Insulators
RFI semi-conductive glaze formulas
OGAWA, Yutaka
RFI NGK Insulators, Ltd.

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