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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 279,274 June 12, 1883 Binding Post
Knob with grooves to wrap line wire around
Knob Western Electric Co.
U 377,742 February 14, 1888 Lightning Rod Attachment for Windmills
Lightning rod attached to windmills by means of a standard fixed rod and one that travels around with the windmill to keep the point in continuous contact with the rod conductor to ground
DANIELS, Eugene O.
U 481,624 August 30, 1892 Ceiling Rosette Cut-Out
Ceiling rosette Patent was owned by Pass & Seymour.
PASS, James
SEYMOUR, Albert P.
U 484,911 October 25, 1892 Ceiling Block
Ceiling rosette that contains a fuse
GREEN, John Jay
Ceiling Rosette The Security Insulator Co.
U 609,888 August 30, 1898 Clamp for Electric Wires
Tie wire clamp with wing nut
LEONARD, Sylvester S.
Tie Wire  
U 684,909 October 22, 1901 Insulating Bushing
COLE, John A.
U 830,572 September 11, 1906 Clamp for Electrical Conductors
Clamp to connect the ends of conductors (also Canadian patent 104766, April 16, 1907)
CUTTER, Scott C.
U 906,296 December 8, 1908 Insulator
Cleat with socket for light bulb
BAILEY, Vernon T.
U 934,463 September 21, 1909 Cleat for Electric Wires
Cleat for ceiling wires and fixtures
RITTER, William F.
U 1,014,720 January 16, 1912 Wiring Block
Wiring block for main circuit wires that provides for connection for branch circuits
PEREYRA, Eugene S.
Wiring Block  
U Specimen known 1,014,934 January 16, 1912 Insulator Knob
BAKER, George
U 1,043,321 November 5, 1912 Combined Insulator and Current Distributor
Miscellaneous style with attachment for multiple current distributors (see 1,085,813)
KNUTZ, Ernest H.
U 1,208,874 December 19, 1916 Insulator
WILSON, William E.
Self-tying Miscellaneous  
U 1,625,266 April 19, 1927 Rod Coupling
Lightning rod made solid with parallel fins and connected by coupling with matching male and female threads crimped over the ends of the rod sections
MAST, Charles O.
Lightning Rod Coupling Mast Lightning Rod Co.
U 1,652,693 December 13, 1927 Cut-Out Insulator
Fuse holder
BAILEY, Thomas
Fuse Holder  
U 1,808,595 June 2, 1931 Lightning Rod Coupler
Lightning rod coupling with either male or female threads that is square and fits over and crimped to end of rods
CRIPE, Earnest C.
Lightning Rod Coupling  
U 1,819,302 August 18, 1931 Oil and Air Break Pothead Disconnect
Pothead disconnect
RAH, Joseph
Insulator G. & W. Electric Specialty Co.
U 1,860,791 May 31, 1932 Lighting Fixture
Porcelain lighting fixture.
Fixture The Hartford Faience Co.
U 1,873,750 August 23, 1932 Insulator Structure
Strain insulator with parts coated and metal fitting soldered to the coating
FORTESCUE, Charles Le G.
Strain Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
U 1,914,436 June 20, 1933 Insulator
Metal terminal built into a secondary rack insulator or wireholder that is used to secure the deadend of the drop wire with the terminal making the connection to the wire leading into the building eliminating the need for soldering or other poor connection (see 1,821,221; 1,821,222; 1,877,903)
KYLE, William D.
Bracket/secondary Rack Line Material Co.
U 1,930,735 October 17, 1933 Terminal Mounting for Lighting Fixtures
Terminal mounting for lighting fixture.
YARSLEY, Thomas G.
Fixture The Harford Faience Co.
U 1,947,118 February 13, 1934 Lighting Fixture
Porcelain lighting fixture
Fixture The Hartford Faience Co.
U 1,976,378 October 9, 1934 Aviation Marker
Aviation warning light attached to a suspension insulator
VROOMAN, Edward C.
Misc Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,978,649 October 30, 1934 Bus Bar and Bushing Connection
Connector to hold bus bar inside a bushing
ROBERTS, Charles W.
Bushing Locke Insulator Corp.
U 2,016,470 October 8, 1935 Secondary Rack and the Process of Making Same
Simple secondary rack construction to reduce cost.
WHITE, Leonard H.
Bracket/secondary Rack Line Material Co.
U 2,111,505 March 15, 1938 Method of Making a Forged Clamp
Method of making the curved dead-end clamp described in patent 1,901,345.
CARD, Charles S.
Suspension The Brewer-Titchener Corp.
U Specimen known 2,173,510 September 19, 1939 Conducting Holder for Luminous Tube Terminals
Neon terminal holder
BELLOWS, Lewis F. R.
U Specimen known 2,309,971 February 2, 1943 Drop Wire Support
Drop wire supporting clip
MCLARN, Ernest S.
Drop Wire Support International Standard Electric Corp.
U 2,454,348 November 23, 1948 Latch for Electric Fence Gates
Latch for electric fence using Surge insulators (see 2,350,420) (see design 126,721) (see design 126,722) (see 2,454,348) [see picture 170540955]
SCHILLING, Lorell John
Electric Fence Babson Brothers Co.
U 2,564,340 August 14, 1951 Clamp for Electrical Conductors
Metal clamp to secure the conductor to the bottom of the string of suspension insulators
Suspension Porcelain Insulator Co.
U 2,610,390 September 16, 1952 Method of Making Electrical Terminals
Method of making terminals for manufacture of televisions
LOCKE, Louis P.

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