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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 271,733 February 6, 1883 Tripod Standard for Lightning Rods
Tripod stand for lightning rod with brackets to hold the rod
PATEE, Theodorus H.
RIDGE, Thomas D.
Lightning Rod Theodorus H. Patee
U 296,485 April 8, 1884 Means for Supporting and Insulating Electrical Wires
Wedge block for side of pole or driven in hole in crossarm
TRINGHAM, John Watson
U 359,940 March 22, 1887 Lightning Rod Standard or Brace
Tripod stand for lightning rod with brackets to hold the rod
PATEE, Theodorus H.
LAWSHE, Thomas D.
Lightning Rod  
U 367,348 July 26, 1887 Lightning Rod Brace
Lightning rod tripod stand by twisting metal rods and forming two eyes to hold insulators with lightning rod passing through
MAST, L. Lavake
Lightning Rod Stand 1/2 to Wesley J. Mast
U 693,213 February 11, 1902 Anchor Fastener for Lightning Conductors
Metal clips fitted between bricks in order to secure lightning rod conductor to wall
Lightning Rod Clip  
U 937,984 October 26, 1909 Insulator Bracket
Bracket to mount insulator in mortar between bricks
BROWN, Edward V.
Bracket 1/2 to Adolph Day
U 1,029,207 June 11, 1912 Insulator Support
Crossarm composed of reinforced concrete
MEGAHAN, Oliver P.
U 1,194,690 August 15, 1916 Telephone and Telegraph Pole Construction
Bracket and pin supports made of metal and attached to crossarm whereby the pins slide on the bracket for adjustment of position
ADAMS, Harry E.
U 1,709,555 April 16, 1929 Insulator Support
Wireholder with bracket designed to be cemented between bricks
PEELE, Hereward J.
Wireholder Jasper Blackburn
U 2,112,370 March 29, 1938 Wire Spacing Bracket
Bracket attached to crossarms to provide proper space between carrier conductors
KLEIN, Charles H.
Bracket Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc.

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