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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 974,207 November 1, 1910 Insulator Support
Bracket for 3-phase circuit using multipart insulator oriented in shape of >
THOMPSON, Warren Ray
Bracket H. M. Byllesby & Co.
U 1,029,207 June 11, 1912 Insulator Support
Crossarm composed of reinforced concrete
MEGAHAN, Oliver P.
U 1,047,176 December 17, 1912 Cross Arm
Crossarm stamped out of sheet metal and easy to install
CRABTREE, Lawrence L.
RIPLEY, T. Charley
U 1,054,690 March 4, 1913 Electric Wire Supporting Device
U-shaped block insulator fitted into slots in the crossarm to hold telegraph and telephone lines.
HICKS, Henry A.
U 1,175,077 March 14, 1916 Sheet Metal Pole Arm
Crossarm made of sheet metal.
PEIRCE, JR., Charles L.
U 1,204,196 November 7, 1916 Adjustable Support for Insulators
Pin made of two parts and loop on one end to clamp the insulator.
SCHULZ, Rudolf W.
U 1,246,304 November 13, 1917 Support for Electric Conductors
Bracket for 3 large insulators for pole top
HAMER, William D.
Bracket Electric Service Supplies Co.
U 1,362,038 December 14, 1920 Support for Electric Conductors
Metal strap type support bracket for a pole top to support an insulator.
PLIMPTON, Bentley A.
U 1,381,838 June 14, 1921 Insulator Support
Steel pins for crossarm made from one metal rod integral to the wooden crossarm and acts a braces for the crossarm.
U 1,815,598 July 21, 1931 Insulating Member for High Tension Construction
Wooden shaft with metal fittings to insulate guy wires on high voltage transmission poles
STROUP, Charles L.

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