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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 2,172,810 September 12, 1939 Reinforcement for Transmission Lines and the Like
Preformed length of wire for specific line wire diameter to extend on either side of insulator to dampen out vibration in the line wire
SHERMAN, Delmar C.
U 2,202,538 May 28, 1940 Line Conductor Reinforcement and Tie
Tie wire or line reinforcement made of a stiff drawn wire preformed helix to fit around the diameter of the line wire without bending
Tie Wire Copperweld Steel Co.
U 2,421,286 May 27, 1947 Insulator Tie for Line Conductors
Preformed hard drawn wire helix to act as line wire reinforcement and tie wire
PYLE, Ralph D.
Tie Wire Copperweld Steel Co.
U 2,911,695 November 10, 1959 Tie for Fastening a Line Wire to an Insulator
Tie wire using a preformed helical wire with tie wire loop crimped several times to make points of contact with the insulator and secured in place with an interlocking clip
KNIGHT, Robert D.
Tie Wire United States Steel Corp.
U 3,069,491 December 18, 1962 Helical Spring Wire Tie
Preformed tie wire and line wire reinforcement using a simple single length of spring wire with no clips
HAYDEN, Albert P.
MASON, Alden O.
Tie Wire United States Steel Corp.

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