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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 342,045 May 18, 1886 Means of Securing Glass and Metal Articles Together
Method of applying metal handles to glass jars or other glass articles
U 1,456,960 May 29, 1923 Joint for Articles of Ceramic and Similar Materials and Method of Producing Same
Multipart joined by sand, glaze-welding and/or differential shrinkage
AUSTIN, Arthur O.
Multipart The Ohio Brass Co.
U 1,852,093 April 5, 1932 Article of Manufacture and Process of Making It
RFI metallic coating and process of applying it to porcelain insulators
SMEDE, Lloyd
SHAND, Errol B.
RFI Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
U Specimen known 2,094,287 September 28, 1937 Method of Manufacturing Multipart Glass Articles
Method to manufacture multiple glass objects (blocks, insulators, etc.)
HOLMES, Minot K.
Method Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,127,150 August 16, 1938 Method of Forming Hollow Glass Articles
Internal decorating of blocks prior to assembly
HOLMES, Minot K.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,164,093 June 27, 1939 Method of Joining Glass Block Sections
Automatic machine for joining glass blocks with aluminum
SOUBIER, Leonard D.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,170,602 August 22, 1939 Method of Producing Glass Building Blocks
Bonding agent applied to mortar bearing block sides
BAUER, John E.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,596,694 May 13, 1952 Glass Welding Method
Method of welding glass block and TV Tube halves together
KEGG, Robert R.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,866,298 December 30, 1958 Method of Joining Glass Parts
Sealing halves of TV tubes together with special glass
BABCOCK, Clarence L.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.

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