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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 25,534 September 20, 1859 Machine for Making Lightning Rods
Machine for making corrugated, twisted lightning rods out of sheet metal
STEARNS, Charles
Lightning Rod Machine  
U 28,397 May 22, 1860 Improvement in Making Sheet Metal Caps & c.
Method of making screw caps
U 93,609 August 10, 1869 Improvement in Lightning Rods
Method of making star shaped lightning rods with silver plated points
FOOT, David A.
Lightning Rod  
U 107,051 September 6, 1870 Improvement in Machines for Making Tubular Lightning Conductors
Machine for making corrugated lightning rods out of sheet metal
HOUSEL, Benjamin F.
THAYER, Simeon O.
Lightning Rod Machine  
U 116,453 June 27, 1871 Improvement in Machines for Joining Tubular Lightning Rods
Machine or dies for opening one end of a tubular lightning rod and compressing the end of another rod section so the two ends fit together and secured by soldering
KNAPP, George S.
Lightning Rod Coupling  
U 161,912 April 13, 1875 Improvement in Modes of Forming Sheet Metal Threaded Collars
Oil lamp collar
U 202,578 April 16, 1878 Improvement in Machines for Making Lightning Rods
Portable machine to make lightning rods mounted in a wagon
PATEE, Theodorus H.
Lightning Rod Machine  
R 8,696 May 6, 1879 Improvement in Machines for Making Lightning Rods
Machine for making lightning rods (see 161,541)
MUNN, William B.
Lightning Rod Machine  
U 297,291 April 22, 1884 Portable Lightning Rod Machine
Portable machine to make lightning rods
PATEE, Theodorus H.
Lightning Rod Machine  
U 323,105 July 28, 1885 Machine for Making Lightning Rod Connections
Machine for making lightning rod connectors
BRADLEY, Sylvester
Lightning Rod Machine  
U 941,032 November 23, 1909 Process of Manufacturing Insulators
Press to mold and produce composition strain insulator
Press The Macallen Co.
U 1,702,237 February 12, 1929 Process of Manufacturing Insulator Pins
Easily manufactured steel pin
AUSTIN, Arthur O.
Pin The Ohio Brass Co.
U 1,707,668 April 2, 1929 Insulator Support
Secondary rack stamped out of one piece of sheet metal.
MANSON, Ralph H.
Bracket/secondary Rack Hubbard and Co.
U 2,111,505 March 15, 1938 Method of Making a Forged Clamp
Method of making the curved dead-end clamp described in patent 1,901,345.
CARD, Charles S.
Suspension The Brewer-Titchener Corp.

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