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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 50,398 October 10, 1865 Lightning Rod Joints
Lightning rods joined with slip joints
Lightning Rod Coupling  
U 86,151 January 26, 1869 Improved Mode of Constructing Lightning Rods
Method of welding galvanized and copper wires to form a lightning rod
Lightning Rod  
U 97,496 December 7, 1869 Improvement in Lightning Rods and Conductors
Grounding tip for lightning rod that retains water to improve conduction to ground
GARLICK, Theodotus
Lightning Rod Ground  
U 105,625 July 26, 1870 Improvement in Telegraph Insulators
Gutta-percha, paraffin or other insulation separating two metal shells
BALDWIN, William W.
U Specimen known 122,961 January 23, 1872 Improvement in Telegraph Insulators
Wooden insulator coated with tar with metal cap
POND, Chester H.
U 135,574 February 4, 1873 Improvement in Lightning Rods
Lightning rod made of iron wire cable core with sheet copper wrapped around the outside and edges tucked in between the cables
MUNN, William B.
Lightning Rod  
U 214,545 April 22, 1879 Improvement in Lightning Rod Couplings
Lightning rod coupling with one tapered end to fit snugly in the other end (see reissue 9,145)
BACON, Elmore C.
Lightning Rod Coupling  
R 9,145 April 13, 1880 Lightning Rod Coupling
Lightning rod coupling with one tapered end to fit snugly in the other end (see 214,545)
BACON, Elmore C.
Lightning Rod Coupling  
U 287,830 November 6, 1883 Telegraph Insulator
Composition insulator (paper covered wooden insulator) (Brown p. 59)
HINSDALE, Charles C.
U 298,753 May 20, 1884 Insulated Telegraph Tie Wire
Tie wire insulated with strips of fabric coated with gutta percha
HINSDALE, Charles C.
Tie Wire  
U 390,741 October 9, 1888 Insulator or Bracket Support for Electric Wires
miscellaneous odd pin type with curved pinhole
ADAMS, Thomas E.
U 391,512 October 23, 1888 Electric Switch
Wooden switch (Brown p. 21)
U 525,001 August 28, 1894 Insulator
Knob - 2 piece
BRADLEY, Leonard W.
U 1,174,287 March 7, 1916 Insulator Support
Pin - hollow metal & bolted to crossarm for CD 257
ROSENFELD, Mortimer C.
U Specimen known 1,229,272 June 12, 1917 Insulator
CD 210 with top saddle groove (see 954,350)
IRWIN, John J.
U 1,258,816 March 12, 1918 Insulator Pin
Steel pin with conical support base that fits in grooved steel base that fits over the top of the crossarm
ROSENFELD, Mortimer C.
U 1,469,584 October 2, 1923 Tube Forming Machine
Machine for making porcelain wall tubes
CASE, Francis M.
Wall Tube Federal Porcelain Co.
U 1,589,939 June 22, 1926 Nail Knob Assembly
Machine to manufacture nail-knobs
CASE, Francis M.
Knob Federal Porcelain Co.
U 1,589,940 June 22, 1926 Nail Knob Assembling and Securing Machine
Machine to manufacture nail-knobs
CASE, Francis M.
Knob Federal Porcelain Co.
U 3,474,995 October 28, 1969 Utility Pole Insulator Bracket Extension
Metal bracket or extension to support insulators, fuses, etc. when no crossarms are present.
AMIDON, Joseph C.
QUAYLE, Jackson C.

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