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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 272,069 February 13, 1883 Insulator for Electric Conductors
Knob made of two parts to hold wire (see Dario's 1886 catalog of The Electrical Supply Co.)
MACE, Theodore
U 280,947 July 10, 1883 Insulator for Electrical Conductors
Cylindrical insulator suspended from wire to hold bar separates several wires
OHL, Percy C.
U 293,242 February 12, 1884 Insulator for Electric Wires
Hook with different shape and glazed to screw into pole or crossarm
HALE, Albert W.
U 294,384 March 4, 1884 Insulator for Electric Conductors
Hook with metal glazed coated surface (improvement of 293,242)
HALE, Albert W.
U 301,446 July 1, 1884 Insulator for Electric Wires
Hook with glazed covering (see 293,242 and 294,384)
HALE, Albert W.
U 443,048 December 16, 1890 Method of Protecting Building from Lightning
Lightning rod with non-conducting box filled with soot to break the electric current forcing it to disperse
HODGES, Nathaniel D. C.
Lightning Rod  
U 463,824 November 24, 1891 Trolley Wire Hanger
Trolley wire hanger with insulator with threads on inside and outside to screw into bell
SERRELL, Lemuel William
U 505,106 September 19, 1893 Lightning Rod
Lightning rod designed with varying resistance to current flow and gaps between the rod sections to resist the flow of electric current
HODGES, Nathaniel D. C.
Lightning Rod  
U 781,661 February 7, 1905 Stringer Support for Electric Third Rails
Method of mounting stringers for third rails made of a beam of wood on standard telegraph and telephone glass insulators
Third Rail  
U 932,570 August 31, 1909 Supporting Pin for Insulators
Pin, metal mounted to side of pole
PERRINE, Frederic A. C.
D 49,204 June 20, 1916 Design for an Insulator Body
Square insulator with larger square flange on top and threaded opening in top for bolt
CLINE, Jerome G.

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