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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U Specimen known 187,183 February 6, 1877 Improvement in Telegraph Insulators
CD 130.2, wire groove composed of a series of projections
Insulator 1/2 to Joseph Herz
U 297,699 April 29, 1884 Pin for Electric Insulators
Pin with thimble of soft metal mounted on end of metal pin
KLEIN, John M.
U 373,393 November 15, 1887 Tool for Cutting Seats for Insulator Attachments for Musical Instruments
Tool for cutting circular slot in piano legs in order to insert the piano insulator.
BENNETT, Delbert F.
Piano Insulator  
U 573,966 December 29, 1896 Insulator Hanger
Bracket for knobs
DUNCAN, Robert
U 579,725 March 30, 1897 Insulator and Holder for Electric Railways
Trolley hanger insulator suspended from a cable. It is composed of an inverted insulator cup and a metal cover.
KEITHLY, Willie C.
Trolley Hanger  
U Specimen known 634,568 October 10, 1899 Insulating Support for Electric Wires
CD 309, U-416, under-crossarm type for better protection from rain
BEAL, Carroll N.
U 805,788 November 28, 1905 Electric Strain Insulator
Porcelain or glass strain insulator in compression
FOSTER, Samuel L.
U 834,567 October 30, 1906 Insulator
Self-tying twist lock type
SIMON, Solomon S.
Self-tying Twist  
U Specimen known 838,163 December 11, 1906 High Tension Insulator
Multipart with multiple petticoats under skirts (M-4325C, M-4415, M-4600) (see ID 5166)
BAUM, Frank G.
U 875,978 January 7, 1908 Electric Switch
High-tension switch supported on several multipart insulators.
BAUM, Frank George
U Specimen known 882,803 March 24, 1908 Insulator
CD 211
STORROR, Leonard W.
U 1,080,257 December 2, 1913 Insulator
Wall tube with metal clip
Wall Tube  
U 1,728,522 September 17, 1929 Insulator for High Voltage Systems
Suspension disk with strips of high resistance conductive material embedded in the upper surface to produce a uniform distribution of voltage across each disk in a string
BAUM, Frank G.
Suspension Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
U 1,742,628 January 7, 1930 High Tension Insulator
Fog type suspension & pin-type insulator with external petticoats (see 1,858,611) Patent was owned by Lapp Insulator Co.
Fog Type  
U 1,768,948 July 1, 1930 High Voltage Insulator
Suspension insulator
BAUM, Frank G.
Suspension Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
U 1,811,530 June 23, 1931 Insulating Device
Ribbed suspension insulator with deep hollow interior to receive linkage hardware to connect the next insulator
BAUM, Frank G.
Suspension Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
U 1,858,611 May 17, 1932 High Tension Insulator
Fog type suspension by Lapp (see 1,742,628) Patent was owned by Lapp Insulator Co.
Fog Type  
U 2,331,041 October 5, 1943 Method of Surface Treating Glass Containers
Treatment of interior surfaces of glass block
NOBLE, Burton A.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.

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