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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U Specimen known 224,504 February 10, 1880 Insulated Cresting
Lightning rod insulators (CD 317) used in roof cresting system
CHAMBERS, Josephus C.
Lightning Rod Insulator Chambers National Lightning Protection Co.
U 224,580 February 17, 1880 Induced Current Guard for Electrical Conductors
Pre-transposition technique to eliminate induced current on telephone and telegraph wires
CHINNOCK, Charles E.
R 9,145 April 13, 1880 Lightning Rod Coupling
Lightning rod coupling with one tapered end to fit snugly in the other end (see 214,545)
BACON, Elmore C.
Lightning Rod Coupling  
U 228,077 May 25, 1880 Telegraphic and Telephonic Insulator
Wooden insulator with paper thimble and covering
JOBBINS, William F.
U 228,962 June 15, 1880 Musical Instrument Insulator
Glass insulator for piano legs
WEIR, Charles S.
U 229,382 June 29, 1880 Lightning Rod
Lightning rod supported by three twisted metal legs tha attached to the roof
COLE, John J.
Lightning Rod  
U 230,290 July 20, 1880 Lightning Rod Insulator
Lightning rod insulator of tubular glass with flat side & metal bracket
LILLY, Charles H.
Lightning Rod Insulator  
U 230,293 July 20, 1880 Connection for Lightning Rods
Connection for two lightning rods that cross on the roof and point attached to the connection
LILLY, Charles H.
Lightning Rod Coupling  
U 231,203 August 17, 1880 Lightning Rod Coupling
Screw coupling for ""star"" rods
WESTON, James H.
Lightning Rod Coupling  
R Specimen known 9,392 September 28, 1880 Mode of Forming Insulators
Press for forming insulator and threaded pinhole (reissue of 103,555)
U 234,173 November 9, 1880 Mode of Protecting Oil Tanks from Lightning or Fire
Method of protecting oil tanks with lightning rods using CD 317 (see 194,220 and 224,504)
CHAMBERS, Josephus C.
Lightning Rod Chambers National Lightning Protection Co.
U 234,484 November 16, 1880 Lightning Guard for Oil Tanks
System of lightning rods to protect oil tanks with the protection wires brought up high above the center of the tank
KNUDSON, Adolphus A.
Lightning Rod  
U 234,523 November 16, 1880 Telegraph Insulator
Slotted circular insulator held by split metal screw bracket
BIGEON, Charles
R 9,484 November 30, 1880 Telegraph Insulator
Hook with metal case secured to crossarm (see 75,889)
FINN, John L.
Hook Amzi S. Dodd and Chinnock Electric Co.

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