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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 241,921 May 24, 1881 Means for Attaching Caps to Bottles
Internal groove in the neck of a bottle to secure the cap by means of a chain
U Specimen known 242,825 June 14, 1881 Glass Press for the Manufacture of Insulators
Press for making glass insulators
U 243,021 June 14, 1881 Lightning Rod Ornament
Lightning rod ornament consisting of a skeleton of metal wires in the shape of a ball
WELIN, Andrew J.
Lightning Rod Ornament  
U 243,513 June 28, 1881 Device for Deadening Sound Vibrations of Telegraph Wires
Sound deadening device to prevent humming of telegraph wires
U 243,630 June 28, 1881 Lightning Rod
Lightning rod composed of a zinc tube covered with copper surrounded by twisted spiraling tubes of the same combination
Lightning Rod 4/5 to H. D. Morse and N. C. Gault
U 243,782 July 5, 1881 Compound Substance for Electric Insulators
Composition for hard rubber for insulators
MAYALL, Thomas J.
U Specimen known 247,100 September 13, 1881 Process of Forming Screws in Articles of Glass
Threading process inserts hollow blown glass thimble for threads
OAKMAN, Samuel
Thread Edward C. Sherburne
R 9,934 November 15, 1881 Lightning Rod
Reissue of R6,835 which was a reissue of 167,415; Lightning rod system tied into the existing gutter of a home or building
SPANG, Henry W.
Lightning Rod  
U 250,950 December 13, 1881 Electrical Conductor for Oil Tank Protection
Lightning rod protection system for an oil tank
NEWHALL, Walter P.
Lightning Rod 1/2 to James Casey

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