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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 375,756 January 3, 1888 Lightning Rod
Coupling for lightning rods that allows each section to be screwed together
LAWSHE, Spencer R.
Lightning Rod Coupling  
U 377,742 February 14, 1888 Lightning Rod Attachment for Windmills
Lightning rod attached to windmills by means of a standard fixed rod and one that travels around with the windmill to keep the point in continuous contact with the rod conductor to ground
DANIELS, Eugene O.
U 378,971 March 6, 1888 Insulator
Block of glass inverted & head combination secured to crossarm by wire
NEAL, Lewis M.
U 383,097 May 22, 1888 Support for Electric Wires
Hanger for electric cable
BROOKS, JR., David
Hanger The Electric Cable Const. & Maint. Co.
U 383,734 May 29, 1888 Insulator for Electrical Wires
Self-tying slot top & metal keeper
KEYES, Frank E.
Self-tying Slot Top  
U 384,384 June 12, 1888 Metallic Crest Tile Lightning Rod
Lightning rod in the form of metal crest tile and attached to end eaves of the house with conductors to ground
NELSON, Clark B.
Lightning Rod Crest 1/2 to James H. Watson
U 386,111 July 17, 1888 Electric Wire Insulator
Knobs paired to hold wire in trees
CUTLER, Henry H.
U 386,925 July 31, 1888 Electrical Non-Conductor
Non-conducting composition material composed of mica and glue used to coat cheese cloth and made in thin sheets, which are then coated with shellac to repel moisture
LEE, Charles Tennant
WAITE, Charles N.
Composition 1/2 to The Gould & Watson Co.
U 386,986 July 31, 1888 Electric Insulator Peg
Pin (wooden) tapered below threads & to have metal rod inserted, too
JOSLIN, William E.
U Specimen known 389,519 September 11, 1888 Composition of Matter
Composition material composed of mica and shellac that can be molded (Rick Soller's threaded pin-type specimen)
LEE, Charles Tennant
U 390,741 October 9, 1888 Insulator or Bracket Support for Electric Wires
miscellaneous odd pin type with curved pinhole
ADAMS, Thomas E.
U 391,512 October 23, 1888 Electric Switch
Wooden switch (Brown p. 21)
U 392,775 November 13, 1888 Electric Circuit
Criss-crossing of overhead telephone wire to prevent crosstalk between parallel lines
Telephone The American Telephone & Telegraph Co.
U 394,380 December 11, 1888 Wire Holder for Insulators
Tie wire standard method
LLOYD, Edwin L.
Tie Wire  

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