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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U Specimen known 418,766 January 7, 1890 Support for Electric Conductors
Brodie tree insulator with large lag screw and adjustable position.
SMITH, Joseph Brodie
U 419,642 January 21, 1890 Insulator for Electric Wires
Split ring with split ring holder and lag screw
CORNOG, Isaac P.
U 419,875 January 21, 1890 Screw Press for Insulators
Press for making insulators
PEASE, Jacob
Press William Brookfield
U 421,819 February 18, 1890 Insulator
Blocks (2) to hold wire and pole system
DAVY, John W.
U 422,651 March 4, 1890 Insulator
Cleat with split ends
STANLEY, George E.
U 425,513 April 15, 1890 Insulator
Rainshed (hood) over wire
KOOKOGEY, William P.
Rainshed The Kookogey Electric Co.
U 426,198 April 22, 1890 Insulator
Covers for insulators on crossarms to protect them from rain and reduce electrical leakage
MUNSIE, James F.
U 426,203 April 22, 1890 Insulator
Wood tree insulator with line wire running through the center of a rod of wood
MUNSIE, James F.
Wood Thomas L. Coles
U Specimen known 427,296 May 6, 1890 Insulator
CD 141.8 and CD 1037, self-tying with tapered pin hole & clamping flange
BUZBY, Joseph F.
U 428,979 May 27, 1890 Electric Insulator
Blocks coated with composition material to support overhead lines for electric railway
WATSON, George B.
Composition The Gould & Watson Co.
U Specimen known 430,296 June 17, 1890 Insulator
CD 257, CD 259, CD 263, dove-tail ears on crown - helmet. Patent is also found on New Lexington porcelain insulators M-3890 and M-4325A.
OAKMAN, Samuel
U 430,696 June 24, 1890 Insulator
Cylinder with external threads to screw into crossarm
SEAMON, William H.
U 433,284 July 29, 1890 Non-Conductive and Ornamental Handle for Vessels, $c.
Composition handle for tea pots, knives, door knobs, and electrical switches
GOULD, William P.
U 433,409 July 29, 1890 Electric Railway
Electric railway with third rail insulated with glass insulators.
KEITHLEY, Herbert R.
Third Rail  
U 433,459 August 5, 1890 Lightning Rod Tower
Lightning rod tower used to protect a group of houses or buildings
Lightning Rod  
U 433,561 August 5, 1890 Cleat for Electric Wires
FURLONG, Lawrence
Cleat Frederick Rockwell
U 434,144 August 12, 1890 Electric Insulator
Tie wire clip
Tie Wire  
U Specimen known 434,879 August 19, 1890 Electric Insulator
CD 144.5 and CD 260, ridges around inner surface of skirt
OAKMAN, Samuel
U Specimen known 436,120 September 9, 1890 Insulator Bracket
Bracket of metal with split threads
U 437,526 September 30, 1890 Lightning Protector for Oil Tanks
Method of protecting oil tanks from lightning
SPANG, Henry W.
Lightning Rod  
U 437,685 October 7, 1890 Insulator
Coating on exterior of insulator to color code line
GAYNOR, Thomas F.
Coating The Gaynor Electric Co.
U Specimen known 438,532 October 14, 1890 Insulating Appliance for Electric Batteries
Battery jar and large battery rest insulator with upturned cup to hold insulating fluid. Some think the rods (a2) that hold the plates apart are the glass U-shaped ""rods"" known in the hobby, but there is no evidence of this in the patent.
CURRIE, Stanley C. C.
Battery The United Gas Improvement Co.
U 440,042 November 4, 1890 Insulator for Electric Conductors
Knob - 2 piece
KESSLER, William
U 441,849 December 2, 1890 Electric Line Hook
Hook made of iron to secure line wire with threaded end to screw in crossarm
LOCKE, Fred M.
LAPP, John
Hook 1/3 to Theodore Norton
U 443,048 December 16, 1890 Method of Protecting Building from Lightning
Lightning rod with non-conducting box filled with soot to break the electric current forcing it to disperse
HODGES, Nathaniel D. C.
Lightning Rod  
U 443,174 December 23, 1890 Insulator
Wooden insulator used in a trolley wire hanger
EMMET, William Le Roy
U Specimen known 443,187 December 23, 1890 Electric Insulator
CD 144, ridges around outside of skirt to break water film
BAIN, Foree
U 443,403 December 23, 1890 Revolving Mold for Glassware
Mold for glassware (for making seamless glass)

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