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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 1,084,147 January 13, 1914 Support for Electric Service Wires
Bulbous insulator mounted on a crossarm pin to allow tie-off and running multiple service wires from the main power conductor
Service Drop  
D Specimen known 45,172 January 20, 1914 Design for an Insulator
WHITE, Thomas C.
U 1,085,813 February 3, 1914 Insulator and Current Distributor
Miscellaneous style with attachment for multiple current distributors (see 1,043,321)
KNUTZ, Ernest H.
U 1,088,278 February 24, 1914 Rain Guard for Insulators
Protective metal rain guard for bottom of skirt
HOLMES, Minot K.
Protective Shield Hemingray Glass Co.
U Specimen known 1,090,234 March 17, 1914 Insulating and Supporting Mechanism
Ohio Brass third rail support insulator designed to be use on narrower ties
ROGERS, Joseph W.
Third Rail 1/2 to Nathan Shute
U 1,090,686 March 17, 1914 Insulator Clamp
Self-tying via clamp
COOK, William A.
Self-tying Miscellaneous  
U Specimen known 1,091,678 March 31, 1914 Insulating Composition
Boro-silicate glass
LOCKE, Fred M.
U Specimen known 1,091,679 March 31, 1914 Insulator
Boro-silicate glass
LOCKE, Fred M.
U 1,093,479 April 14, 1914 Insulator
Multipart using interchangeable shells cemented to leave air pocket
SANFORD, JR., Joseph A.
Multipart The R. Thomas & Sons Co.
U 1,093,480 April 14, 1914 Insulator
Multipart same as 1,093,479 with plug to block cement from air pocket
SANFORD, JR., Joseph A.
Multipart The R. Thomas & Sons Co.
U Specimen known 1,094,852 April 28, 1914 Insulator Pin
Pin, metal flanged to fit crossarm and interior bolt for attachment to thimble
HECHT, Julius L.
GAPEN, Jotham C.
Pin 1/2 to Electric Service Supplies Co.
U 1,095,860 May 5, 1914 Insulator Holder
Pin composed of metal wire
HEFFNER, Herman C.
U 1,097,392 May 19, 1914 Battery Box Support and Insulator
Battery rest insulator with screw to hold under foot of table
CREMER, August C.
U 1,097,414 May 19, 1914 Adjustable Insulator Support
Bracket, metal to fit around crossarm for two insulators
FORT, Louis
U 1,098,738 June 2, 1914 Lightning Rod
Lightning rod system with multiple points along the crest and eaves and conductor with multiple ground connections
KRETZER, Sidney D.
Lightning Rod  
U 1,099,374 June 9, 1914 Insulator
Block in crossarm
Block 2/3 to Rafferty, 1/3 to Wells
U 1,099,421 June 9, 1914 High Voltage Switch
High voltage switch mounted on multipart insulators composed of triangle shaped metal rods and insulators that rotate to open or close the switch.
BURKE, Alfred Woodard
R 13,748 June 16, 1914 Insulator
Knob - self-tying (reissue of 1,029,980)
U 1,100,859 June 23, 1914 Line Wire Fastener
Complicated tie wire replacement with cam lever on each side of the insulator to pull the tie wire tight
WISEMAN, Thomas A.
Tie Wire 1/2 to Robert T. Wiseman
D Specimen known 46,014 June 30, 1914 Design for an Insulator
AUSTIN, Arthur O.
U 1,101,802 June 30, 1914 Conductor Clamp
Clamp attached to insulator wire groove to hold a vertivcal duplex conductor to street lamp (see 1,140,050)
KENNEDY, Matthew G.
Clamp The States Co.
U 1,102,656 July 7, 1914 Insulator
Insulator with hole in center and method to clamp conductor securely and the metal bracket with two bolts to secure the insulator
HADEN, Robert B.
U 1,105,521 July 28, 1914 Insulator Attachment
Tie wire clamp
Tie Wire  
U 1,106,095 August 4, 1914 Electrical Battery
Battery insulators with oil inside
HUBBARD, Albert S.
Battery Gould Storage Battery Co.
D 46,243 August 11, 1914 Design for an Insulator
BUNDY, Clifton L.
U 1,106,797 August 11, 1914 Electric Insulator
Suspension insulators
FAY, John L.
WAY, Sylvester B.
U Specimen known 1,107,111 August 11, 1914 Insulator
PURKEY, Benjamin S.
U 1,109,058 September 1, 1914 Insulator
Self-tying slot top
FRITZ, Osville J.
Self-tying Slot Top  
U 1,109,470 September 1, 1914 Post Insulator
Multipart insulator to support high tension conductors in substation
SANFORD, JR., Joseph A.
Multipart The R. Thomas & Sons Co.
U 1,109,586 September 1, 1914 Line Disconnecting Switch
Switch to disconnect line for repairs. Composed of several multipart insulators, knife switch, and handles near the ground to operate the switch.
HEWLETT, Edward M.
Switch General Electric Co.
U 1,110,495 September 15, 1914 Insulator Support
Pin, pressed metal to form bin and support
KOBERT, Frank P.
Pin Barnes & Kobert Mfg. Co.
U 1,110,496 September 15, 1914 Insulator Support for Electric Wires
Pin and metal bracket to fit around crossarm
KOBERT, Frank P.
Pin Barnes & Kobert Mfg. Co.
U Specimen known 1,110,934 September 15, 1914 Insulator
Suspension disk
HEWLETT, Edward M.
Suspension General Electric Co.
D Specimen known 46,451 September 22, 1914 Design for an Insulator
SCHAAKE, William
Strain Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
U 1,111,570 September 22, 1914 Insulator
Third rail insulator with bolt holes on top and bottom side and flange projecting out in the center of the side designed to carry the rail on top
Third Rail  
U 1,112,634 October 6, 1914 Lightning Conductor
Improvement of a previous application (see 1,119,973) by inserting a metallic disc in the coupling to aid in conduction through the coupling
MAST, Louis L.
Lightning Rod Delbert H. Mast
U 1,116,303 November 3, 1914 Arc Extinguisher
Use of explosive to break the arcing around a multipart insulator (see 1,127,043)
LOCKE, Fred M.
U 1,116,631 November 10, 1914 Insulator
Self-tying slot top for slack wire use
Self-tying Slot Top  
U 1,118,545 November 24, 1914 Wire Clamp for Insulators
Complicated tie wire replacement with U-bolt and metal strap to secure and clamp to the line wire
Tie Wire  
U 1,118,694 November 24, 1914 Disk Strain Insulator
Suspension made of Electrose like fishtail Hewlett
U 1,119,049 December 1, 1914 Insulator Clamp
Tie wire crank lever
SMITH, Amos L.
Tie Wire  
U 1,119,973 December 8, 1914 Lightning Conductor
Conductor composed of a strong metal core covered with a sheath of copper to form a ""star"" shaped lightning rod
MAST, Louis L.
Lightning Rod Delbert H. Mast
U Specimen known 1,120,951 December 15, 1914 Manufacture of Insulators for High Potential Electric Conductors
Boron used in porcelain insulators
LOCKE, Fred M.
U 1,122,030 December 22, 1914 Suspension Insulator Eyebolt
Steel eyebolt pin for suspension insulators
STANFORD, JR., Joseph Addison
Suspension The R. Thomas & Sons Co.
U 1,122,326 December 29, 1914 High Potential Insulator
Multipart insulator made of Electrose
U 1,122,434 December 29, 1914 Lightning Rod Brace
Lightning rod with short bracket to attach to roof peak with weathervane arrow
Lightning Rod  

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