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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 2,269,409 January 6, 1942 Wire Holder
Wireholder with lag screw
MCCHESNEY, JR., Samuel Waldrop
Wireholder Porcelain Products, Inc.
U 2,270,964 January 27, 1942 Insulator for Antenna Span or Guy Ropes
Compression antenna insulator for very heavy loads (see 2,297,430)
PETERS, Wilhelm
Strain Telefunken Geselleschaft fur Drahtlose Telegraphie m. b. H.
U 2,274,955 March 3, 1942 High Tension Electric Insulator and Method of Coating Same
RFI: antimony coated top
DYKSTRA, Laurence J.
MEYER, Edwin M.
RFI Victor Insulators, Inc.
U 2,275,208 March 3, 1942 Electrical Insulator
Method of applying RFI coating to suspension disk (see 1,661,823) (see 1,735,829) (see 2,154,387)
RFI/suspension The Ohio Brass Co.
U 2,278,330 March 31, 1942 Multipost Line Insulator
Two post insulators joined together with elongated metal bottom cap
MEYER, Edwin M.
Insulator Porcelain Products, Inc.
U 2,281,173 April 28, 1942 Insulator and Method of Producing Conducting Coating Thereon
RFI prevention using an inexpensive glaze coating
SANTOMIERI, Sebastian L.
RFI Victor Insulators, Inc.
U 2,283,663 May 19, 1942 Connector
Metal connector to replace the tie wire to hold the conductor on the insulator
BUGG, Kenly C.
Tie Wire  
U 2,283,685 May 19, 1942 High Resistance Conducting Coating for Electric Insulators
RFI coating to prevent radio interference
RFI The Ohio Brass Co.
U Specimen known 2,286,488 June 16, 1942 Spool Insulator
Spool insulator with deep side groove
Spool Porcelain Products, Inc.
U 2,286,496 June 16, 1942 Wire Holder
Wireholder with lag screw
MEYER, Edwin M.
Wireholder Porcelain Products, Inc.
U 2,287,895 June 30, 1942 Secondary Rack Construction
Secondary wireholder for rack spools to be mounted on the end of a crossarm
Wireholder 1/2 to Eugene C. Black
U Specimen known 2,287,976 June 30, 1942 Insulator
Glaze - compression glaze & sand joint
ROWLAND, Davidge H.
Glaze Locke Insulator Corp.
U 2,290,073 July 14, 1942 Method of Assembling Insulators
Method of using a metal alloy to cement the cap and pin on a glass suspension disk
SAID, William Howard
Suspension Corning Glass Works
U 2,290,138 July 14, 1942 Mechanism for Handling Wire Mesh
Machine for handling wire mesh for glass blocks
BRIDGES, Donald A.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,292,248 August 4, 1942 Bushing
Bushing composed of several parts with open chambers
STEVENS, Leland J.
Bushing Locke Insulator Corp.
U 2,292,948 August 11, 1942 Insulator and the Like
Wireholder with slot for attaching lag screw
U 2,296,679 September 22, 1942 Service Drop Insulator
Service drop bracket and insulator to tie-off multiple service lines from one main conductor
MACK, Edward A.
Service Drop Line Material Co.
U Specimen known 2,297,430 September 29, 1942 Antenna Insulator
Compression antenna insulator for very heavy loads (see 2,270,964)
PETERS, Wilhelm
U 2,297,600 September 29, 1942 Insulator Support
Steel pin for carrier circuits with threads coated with rubber
WILLIAMS, Richard H.
Pin The B. F. Goodrich Co.
U 2,297,646 September 29, 1942 Pug Mill
Pug mill design to prevent stresses and strains in the clay as it is extruded
BELLEZZA, Russell G.
SKIPPER, Edward M.
Pug Mill Locke Insulator Corp.
U Specimen known 2,299,960 October 27, 1942 Bracket and Method of Transposing Wires
Transposition bracket
MCKAHAN, Alexander C.
U 2,300,674 November 3, 1942 Secondary Rack
Bracket for wireholders or rack spools. Each insulator bracket is easily connected or attached to the supporting bracket.
JOHNS, George McDonald
RICHARD, Thomas T.
Bracket/wireholder Smith-Johns Inc.
U 2,301,266 November 10, 1942 Method and Means for Transposing Electrical Conductors
Tensioning device before and after transposition brackets for carrier circuits
FOX, Arthur L.
Transposition Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc.
U 2,301,939 November 17, 1942 Production of Ceramic Bodies
Press to make a very dense porcelain body. It is neither wet process nor dry process porcelain. The product was called ""Prestite"" porcelain.
FISCHER, Eugene H.
Press Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
U 2,302,883 November 24, 1942 Method of Stringing and Sagging Wires and Apparatus for Use Therein
Bracket for wireholders or rack spools that allow the spool insulator to swivel out away from the bracket for easily working on the line wire and insulator (see 2,519,694)
U 2,304,204 December 8, 1942 Electrical Insulator
Rubber insulator for wire fence
U Specimen known 2,304,483 December 8, 1942 Electrical Insulator
Rubber pin type insulator
SMITH, Donald H.
WHEELER, Herbert H.
Rubber Western Union Telegraph Co.
U 2,304,736 December 8, 1942 Mold Lock
Mold lock for glass block molds
LOUDEN, Harry M.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,305,069 December 15, 1942 Means of Attaching Service Wires
Circular bracket that fits under an insulator or rack spool with holes to allow easy dropping of wires connected to the line
EMGE, Paul W.
U Specimen known 2,305,688 December 22, 1942 Transposition Block
Transposition block (flat) for short wave radio antenna
GODDARD, DeWitt Rugg
Transposition Radio Corporation of America

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