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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 2,582,442 January 15, 1952 Power Wrench Mechanism for Ceramic Filter Presses
A motorized wrench to tighten the screw on the leaves of a clay filter press that can be moved from one press to the other.
LAPP, Grover W.
Filter Press Lapp Insulator Co., Inc.
U 2,582,922 January 15, 1952 Apparatus for Molding Articles
Press that can be adapted for insulator manufacture
Press Henry L. Crowley & Co., Inc.
U 2,585,249 February 12, 1952 Clip for Holding Electrical Conducting Wires to Insulating Supports
Tie wire replacement made from preformed spring metal clip
JOHNSON, Lawrence
Tie Wire  
U 2,592,030 April 8, 1952 Electric Wire Insulator Support
Pin and bracket to fit over the top and sides of the crossarm
HARDING, Donald D.
U 2,592,031 April 8, 1952 Supporting Structure for Insulators
Pin and bracket made in one piece for easy attachment to crossarm
HARDING, Donald D.
U 2,592,698 April 15, 1952 Insulator Supporting Pin and Cob
Steel pin with threaded cob made of cellulose acetate butyrate molded into threads (see reissue 23,885 on 10-5-1954)
Pin A. B. Chance Co.
U 2,596,341 May 13, 1952 Burner Block and Burner
Glass furnace burner and refractory burner block
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,596,694 May 13, 1952 Glass Welding Method
Method of welding glass block and TV Tube halves together
KEGG, Robert R.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,602,269 July 8, 1952 Apparatus for Forming Undercut Sockets in a Material in a Hot Plastic State
Insulator press
WILCOCK, John Edward
Press Pilkington Brothers Ltd.
U 2,602,270 July 8, 1952 Apparatus for Forming Undercut Sockets in a Material in a Hot Plastic State
Insulator press
WILCOCK, John Edward
BAILLIE, Granville Hugh
Press Pilkington Brothers Ltd.
U Specimen known 2,609,418 September 2, 1952 Adjustably Mounted Insulator Assembly
Electric fence insulator with hexagon head used with metal mounting bracket (see patent 2,756,958)
BINNS, Jack N.
DUGLE, Thomas E.
ALT, Alvin F.
Electric Fence  
U 2,610,390 September 16, 1952 Method of Making Electrical Terminals
Method of making terminals for manufacture of televisions
LOCKE, Louis P.
U 2,623,094 December 23, 1952 Resiliently Mounted Spool Type Insulator
Rubber bushing for mounting Case type & rack type spool insulators
MARKLEY, William F.
Rubber Western Union Telegraph Co.

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