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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 2,821,158 January 28, 1958 Machine for Coating Bell-Shaped Electrical Suspension Insulators
Machine for automatically glazing suspension insulators and applying a sanded band for cementing the metal cap.
BROWN, Leonard
LENZ, Carl
Manufacturing General Electric Co.
U 2,830,648 April 15, 1958 Process and Apparatus for Producing a Glass Fiber Mat
Glass marbles are used to feed the machine to produce a glass fiber mat.
HADDOCX, Edward J.
Glass Marble L. O. F. Glass Fibers Co.
U 2,835,623 May 20, 1958 Method of Forming a Unitary Panel of Glass Blocks
Pre-assembled glass block windows and skylight panels
VINCENT, Harold B.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,843,653 July 15, 1958 Conductor Insulator Clamp
Tie wire replacement using a preformed bail wire design
MIX, Chauncey C.
Tie Wire  
U 2,843,925 July 22, 1958 Methods of Separating Glass Articles
Method of Separating TV Tubes & Glass Blocks
LOGUE, James A.
ROBERTS, Theron W.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,843,973 July 22, 1958 Apparatus Used in Compression Molding of Objects of Glass and Like Material
Insulator press
CLIGNET, Georges
Press Verreries Charbonneaux
U 2,844,998 July 29, 1958 Glass Building Block Having Light Directing Properties
Glass block that directs light
VINCENT, Harvard B.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,851,973 September 16, 1958 Skylight Construction
Skylights made of glass block
STARK, Charles H.
LENKE, George H.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,857,505 October 21, 1958 Method of welding TV tube studs
Stud Welding Apparatus
SMITH, Ralph H.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,858,734 November 4, 1958 Skylight
Glass Block Skylight
BOYD, Robert A.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,861,392 November 25, 1958 Method of sealing TV tubes
Apparatus for Sealing Picture Tubes
VINCENT, Harvard B.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,862,990 December 2, 1958 Combination Point and Span Transposition Bracket
Transposition and span bracket for carrier circuits
CASE, JR., Rogers
U 2,863,260 December 9, 1958 Machine for Molding Glass Articles
Insulator press
TOEPFER, Walter J.
STUTSKE, William A.
Press Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 2,866,298 December 30, 1958 Method of Joining Glass Parts
Sealing halves of TV tubes together with special glass
BABCOCK, Clarence L.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.

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