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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 3,019,559 February 6, 1962 Take-Out Apparatus for Glassware
Machine to remove glass block halves from machines
STUTSKE, William A.
WOOD, JR., Frederick H.
KI Kimble Glass Co.
U Specimen known 3,024,303 March 6, 1962 Glazed Insulator Which Comprises a Ceramic Body and a Primary Coat Under the Glaze Which has a Lower Coefficient of Thermal Expansion than the Ceramic Body
Suspension insulator with compression glaze coating under outer glaze surface
SMOTHERS, William J.
Suspension The Ohio Brass Co.
U 3,026,575 March 27, 1962 Skylight Structure and Method of Fabrication
Sklight made of glass blocks
LUSHER, Kenneth G.
VINCENT, Harvard B.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.
U 3,054,704 September 18, 1962 Insulator Assembly Method and Apparatus
Suspension, method of sealing cement to improve strength during curing
RUOFF, George M.
Suspension A. B. Chance Co.
U Specimen known 3,061,667 October 30, 1962 Telegraph Pole Line Insulator
Rubber pin type insulator (Brown p. 91)
MARKLEY, William F.
SLATER, James L.
Rubber Western Union Telegraph Co.
U 3,069,491 December 18, 1962 Helical Spring Wire Tie
Preformed tie wire and line wire reinforcement using a simple single length of spring wire with no clips
HAYDEN, Albert P.
MASON, Alden O.
Tie Wire United States Steel Corp.
U 3,070,474 December 25, 1962 Bonded Glass Surfaces and Method Therefore
Masonry bonding grit for glass block
SMITH, Robert M.
OI Owens-Illinois Glass Co.

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