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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U Specimen known 418,766 January 7, 1890 Support for Electric Conductors
Brodie tree insulator with large lag screw and adjustable position.
SMITH, Joseph Brodie
U 444,879 January 20, 1891 Insulator
Tree hanger
ELKINS, Charles
U Specimen known 626,065 May 30, 1899 Insulator
Tree hanger
HOLMES, Welles E.
U Specimen known 725,044 April 14, 1903 Insulator
Tree insulator composed of a ball of glass with embedded wire loops
CLAYDON, Charles
U 756,026 March 29, 1904 Insulator
Tree hanger
KINSLEY, William S.
BELL, Stewart S.
U 887,578 May 12, 1908 Hanger for Electric Wires
Tree type - swinging
BEYER, David S.
U 951,505 March 8, 1910 Insulating Tube
Tree hanger comprised of split tube
MATHER, Thomas T.
U 973,409 October 18, 1910 Insulated Hanger
Tree hanger comprised of cylinder with center groove
CRABBE, Edward
U 1,176,629 March 21, 1916 Tree Insulator and Wire Supporter
Tree hanger
WALLACE, William H.
U Specimen known 1,258,802 March 12, 1918 Insulator Support
Tree type - swinging type with bracket and roller on pin type insulator
MORGAN, Andrew J.
U 1,282,876 October 29, 1918 Line Conductor Support
Tree hanger with spool and lag screw
KYLE, William D.
U Specimen known 1,721,657 July 23, 1929 Insulator
Tree insulator (porcelain) improved with ribs - strengthening (see 1,620,804)
CUTTER, Scott C.
U 1,882,486 October 11, 1932 Insulator
Tree hanger grips the wire like a hand
COLE, William H.
 Augustus T. Clark
U 482,913 September 20, 1892 Insulator
Tree insulator
BROOKS, Herbert H.
Tree 1/2 to Augustus T. Clark
 Charles Lee & The Gould & Watson Co.
U 413,146 October 15, 1889 Insulator
Tree insulator bracket holding wire with two spool type insulator
Tree Charles Lee & The Gould & Watson Co.
 Frank Field
U 802,096 October 17, 1905 Tree Insulator
Tree hanger
DUNTON, Charles W.
Tree 1/2 to Frank Field
 Line Material Co.
U Specimen known 1,595,653 August 10, 1926 Tree Insulator
Tree hanger - self-tying twist lock with lag screw
GAMMON, Thomas E.
Tree 1/2 to Line Material Co.
 The E. S. Greeley & Co.
U Specimen known 403,491 May 14, 1889 Insulating Device for Line Wires
Tree hanger split octagon shaped forestry insulator referred to as the Victor
SMITH, Thomas J.
Tree The E. S. Greeley & Co.
 The Porcelain Insulator Corp.
U 2,361,109 October 24, 1944 Insulating Protector for Conducting Wires
Tree insulator to protect the wire
Tree The Porcelain Insulator Corp.

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