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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 5,889 October 31, 1848 Insulating Support for Telegraph Wires
Block (glass) with zigzag slit held by hooded bracket
LIVINGSTON, Laureston R.
ADAMS, Calvin
U 51,935 January 9, 1866 Improvement in Insulating Telegraph Wires
Paraffin and rubber insulated wire
ELY, Alfred B.
U 66,215 July 2, 1867 Improvement in Insulator Holders
Lightning rod insulator holder for glass insulator
CALROW, Richard
Lightning Rod Insulator  
U 76,358 April 7, 1868 Improvement in Electric Telegraphs
Rubber in porcelain or glass shell; glazed shell; sharp drip edge; ears
VARLEY, Cromwell F.
U 149,762 April 14, 1874 Improvement in Telegraph Insulators
Cylindrical grooved insulator held horizontally by pin
LE BARON, Charles L.
U 161,058 March 23, 1875 Improvement in Insulating Blocks for Telegraph Lines
Slotted block to hold several wires
PIDGEON, George S.
U 310,931 January 20, 1885 Device for Securing Electric Wires to Poles
Pin with plate flange to wrap around pole without drilling a hole
U 378,971 March 6, 1888 Insulator
Block of glass inverted & head combination secured to crossarm by wire
NEAL, Lewis M.
U 386,111 July 17, 1888 Electric Wire Insulator
Knobs paired to hold wire in trees
CUTLER, Henry H.
U 390,741 October 9, 1888 Insulator or Bracket Support for Electric Wires
miscellaneous odd pin type with curved pinhole
ADAMS, Thomas E.
U 421,819 February 18, 1890 Insulator
Blocks (2) to hold wire and pole system
DAVY, John W.
U 476,604 June 7, 1892 Insulator Bracket
Bracket with pin and hollow threaded head
BRADY, Thomas H.
U 541,332 June 18, 1895 Insulator
Miscellaneous 2-part insulator for barbed wire fence
U 588,048 August 10, 1897 Insulator for Wires
Knob with grooves and bracket
ASHBY, George
U Specimen known 621,661 March 21, 1899 Insulator
Cleat - self-tying (pivot-mounted) (found on U-184)
HARLOE, Morton
BLOES, Wilton S.
U Specimen known 682,709 September 17, 1901 Insulator
Knob to support underground conduit electric railways
JENKINS, Wilton F.
U 717,389 December 30, 1902 Third Rail Insulator
Third rail insulator mounted on pedestal with metal cap to secure the rail.
Third Rail  
U Specimen known 758,175 April 26, 1904 Insulator
CD 1038 tree hanger
CUTTER, Scott C.
U 775,592 November 22, 1904 Insulating Support for Electric Third Rails
Third rail with two bolts to secure it to the support and a metal cap to secure the rail.
BARARD, Walter Hubbard
Third Rail  
U 775,812 November 22, 1904 Insulator Support
Pin design made from sheet metal with partial threads on one side
FAIRBANKS, Ernest Hayward
U 796,501 August 8, 1905 Conductor Rail Holder for Electric Railways
Third rail insulator and metal clips and rail holder
Third Rail  
U 823,461 June 12, 1906 Insulator Pin
Pin (metal) made of wire loops and sliding grooved, ribbed bar for threads
U 838,482 December 11, 1906 Insulator for Line Conductors
Insulator formed with recesses for pipe pin and metal insert crown
WEED, James Murray
U 842,941 February 5, 1907 Insulator
Multipart insulator with groove on one side and bracing pin to hold against the strain of the line wire
CLARK, Walter G.
U 843,844 February 12, 1907 Third Rail Insulator
Third rail insulator
REDMAYNE, Robert Norman
Third Rail  
U 874,445 December 24, 1907 Insulator
Cleat - self-tying
SHEARS, Albert L.
U 904,592 November 24, 1908 Electrical Conductor Support
Multipart insulator attached on top to a bracket and has hook pin screwed in pinhole to hang line wire below
ALLEN, John Scott
U 917,501 April 6, 1909 Third Rail Insulator
Electrose third rail insulator.
Third Rail  
U 928,709 July 20, 1909 Insulator for Third Rails
Third rail insulator made of Electrose
Third Rail  
U 932,523 August 31, 1909 Insulator for Third Rails
Third rail insulator.
WEAVER, Eugene M.
Third Rail  
U 947,094 January 18, 1910 Insulator
Clamp type
BURTON, Edward
Clamp Type  
U 989,231 April 11, 1911 Insulator Support
Knob bracket
U 1,020,880 March 19, 1912 Insulator
Self-tying screw top
BOURKE, Alexander M.
Self-tying Screw Top  
U 1,048,706 December 31, 1912 Bracket for Current Conducting Wires
Side pin with notch cut out to allow a splice to pull through before mounting wire on the glass insulators
U 1,065,983 July 1, 1913 Insulator
Pin (metal) formed from sheet metal
U 1,122,326 December 29, 1914 High Potential Insulator
Multipart insulator made of Electrose
U 1,194,690 August 15, 1916 Telephone and Telegraph Pole Construction
Bracket and pin supports made of metal and attached to crossarm whereby the pins slide on the bracket for adjustment of position
ADAMS, Harry E.
U 1,206,160 November 28, 1916 High Potential Insulator
Electrose modified pin type
U 1,217,032 February 20, 1917 Insulator for Electric Wires
Self-tying twist lock type
LYON, Cody
Self-tying Twist  
U Specimen known 1,311,067 July 22, 1919 Insulator
Multipart similar to Faradoid patent 1,374,998 (see reissue 14,888 on 6-22-1920)
GODDARD, Walter T.
U 1,315,998 September 16, 1919 Insulator Support Thimble
Thimble with standard external threads pressed out of sheet metal and attached to a steel pin
U 1,361,948 December 14, 1920 Insulator
Pin with spring wire extending beyond edge of bottom pin hole
U 1,381,838 June 14, 1921 Insulator Support
Steel pins for crossarm made from one metal rod integral to the wooden crossarm and acts a braces for the crossarm.
U 1,475,722 November 27, 1923 Insulator for Telephone and High Tension Conductors
Self-tying slot top and clip
Self-tying Slot Top  
U 1,538,428 May 19, 1925 Pole Line Insulator
Self-tying odd insulator screwed into cut-out in top of crossarm
EMMONS, Albert F.
Self-tying Miscellaneous  
U 1,575,484 March 2, 1926 Insulator Bracket
Bracket with lag screw for wireholder knob
HOENIG, Harry E.
U 1,718,259 June 25, 1929 Insulator
Cleat - self-tying
SCOTT, Arthur C.
RUPE, William G.
U Specimen known 1,721,657 July 23, 1929 Insulator
Tree insulator (porcelain) improved with ribs - strengthening (see 1,620,804)
CUTTER, Scott C.
U 1,744,674 January 21, 1930 Insulator Pin
Pin that holds insulator at an angle against strain on turns in the conductor
PORTER, Edward Y.
U Specimen known 1,984,245 December 11, 1934 Insulator Support for Power Rails
Third rail insulator with interlocking pin and pinhole and side grooves to secure the rail on top
BANKS, William C.
Third Rail  
U 1,992,284 February 26, 1935 Bracket Insulator
Bracket for split insulator wireholder
BANKS, William C.
U 2,022,386 November 26, 1935 Conductor Support
Little bracket with insulator crown to hold low voltage wire attached to a wood pole (see 2,198,839)
U 2,082,507 June 1, 1937 Pole for Pin
Pole top pin with hook to support wire during stringing
U 2,198,839 April 30, 1940 Conductor Support
Little bracket with insulator crown to hold low voltage wire attached to a wood pole (see 2,022,386)
WALSH, Carroll H.
U 2,305,069 December 15, 1942 Means of Attaching Service Wires
Circular bracket that fits under an insulator or rack spool with holes to allow easy dropping of wires connected to the line
EMGE, Paul W.
U 2,592,031 April 8, 1952 Supporting Structure for Insulators
Pin and bracket made in one piece for easy attachment to crossarm
HARDING, Donald D.
U 3,474,995 October 28, 1969 Utility Pole Insulator Bracket Extension
Metal bracket or extension to support insulators, fuses, etc. when no crossarms are present.
AMIDON, Joseph C.
QUAYLE, Jackson C.
U 4,529,838 July 16, 1985 Support Bracket for Electrical Insulator
Bracket for mounting on side of pole made of a rod of insulating material with pin bracket on one end.
HALL, Gaddis G.
 Anders P. Lindholm
U 1,171,126 February 8, 1916 Insulator Pin
Pin, sheet metal formed cone and threads
Pin Anders P. Lindholm
 Arthur Moulton and 1/3 to C. W. Savage
U 891,955 June 30, 1908 Insulator
Self-tying insulator attached to top of crossarm consisting of a plate with two knobs to wrap the line wire around
SANDLIN, William C.
Self-tying Miscellaneous 1/3 to Arthur Moulton and 1/3 to C. W. Savage
 Bleecker S. Barnard
U 764,384 July 5, 1904 Insulating Support for Electric Third Rails
Third rail insulator that screws into metal support ahd has a threaded hole in top to receive the metal rail support.
SLATER, Frederick R.
Third Rail Bleecker S. Barnard
 Charles J. Leming
U 280,324 June 26, 1883 Combined Insulator and Lightning arrester
Combined insulator and lightning arrestor
NOBLE, John E.
Lightning Arrestor 1/6 to Charles J. Leming
 Claud Neon Lights, Inc.
U Specimen known 1,755,971 April 22, 1930 Insulator
Neon, knob to support wires for neon sign (""spook"" insulator)
SMALLEY, Robert C.
Neon Claud Neon Lights, Inc.
 Frank F. Winters
U 1,911,558 May 30, 1933 Insulator Pin
Steel pin with threads made of a spring coil
DRIGGS, Lorenzo J.
Pin Frank F. Winters
 Fredric Greer
U 890,891 June 16, 1908 Insulator Pin
Bracket to hold two insulators vertically
DORFF, Conrad J.
Bracket Fredric Greer
 G. Paddock & W. Page
U 510,809 December 12, 1893 Insulator Pin
LOCKE, Fred M.
Pin 1/2 to G. Paddock & W. Page
 General Electric Co.
U 525,708 September 11, 1894 Bus-Bar Insulating Support
Bracket support for one-wire cleats
HERRICK, Albert B.
Bracket General Electric Co.
U 574,101 December 29, 1896 Insulator
Third rail insulator
MARTIN, Charles B.
Third Rail General Electric Co.
U 648,057 April 24, 1900 Third Rail Insulator
Third rail insulator designed to allow insulator to rise and fall with movement of the rail.
RICE, JR, Edwin W.
Third Rail General Electric Co.
U Specimen known 678,042 July 9, 1901 Rack Insulator
Cleat - rack type
SARGENT, Howard R.
Cleat General Electric Co.
U 678,195 July 9, 1901 Third Rail Insulator
Third rail insulator with iron mounting bracket and cap to support the rail
POTTER, William B.
Third Rail General Electric Co.
 Hubbard & Co.
U 1,007,138 October 31, 1911 Insulator Bracket
Bracket (various styles) using spring for threads (see 856,488 and 856,801)
PEIRCE, JR., Charles L.
Bracket Hubbard & Co.
U 1,197,660 September 12, 1916 Insulator Support
Bracket, sheet metal stamped in U-bracket with attached threads
PEIRCE, JR., Charles L.
Bracket 1/2 to Hubbard & Co.
 International Standard Electric Corp.
U Specimen known 2,309,971 February 2, 1943 Drop Wire Support
Drop wire supporting clip
MCLARN, Ernest S.
Drop Wire Support International Standard Electric Corp.
 Interpace Corp.
U 3,582,538 June 1, 1971 Prestressed Insulator
Prestressing post type insulators by making porcelain in compression in order to increase cantilever load
KILLIAN, Stanley C.
DEWEY, Benjamin F.
Post Type Interpace Corp.
 Jeffery-Dewitt Insulator Co.
U Specimen known 1,952,517 March 27, 1934 Insulator
Post type insulator with metal brackets bolted on with U-bolt to stack insulators or attach equipment
STINSON, William L.
STROUP, Charles L.
Post Type Jeffery-Dewitt Insulator Co.
 Johan M. Anderson
U 595,089 December 7, 1897 Third Rail Insulator
Third rail insulator with metal protective covering.
Third Rail 1/2 to Johan M. Anderson
 Joslyn Mfg and Supply Co.
U 2,454,677 November 23, 1948 Secondary Rack
Strong secondary rack bracket that is shorter yet easily bolted in place.
Bracket/secondary Rack Joslyn Mfg and Supply Co.
 Line Material Co.
U 1,706,237 March 19, 1929 Secondary Rack
Wireholder with hole near the bottom for attaching to a metal rack and hole near the top for securing the drop wire.
KYLE, William D.
Wireholder Line Material Co.
U 1,749,915 March 11, 1930 Insulator Rack
Wireholder mounted on a rack
KYLE, William D.
Wireholder Line Material Co.
 Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,454,634 May 8, 1923 Insulator
Suspension or multipart attachment using wire lacing
GODDARD, Walter T.
Suspension Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,621,246 March 15, 1927 Insulator
High tension insulator made of parts with metal plates bolted to upper and lower surface or suspension disks bolted together
GODDARD, Walter T.
Multipart Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,625,601 April 19, 1927 Insulator
Suspension insulator made of multiple sections that are clamped together in the field
GODDARD, Walter T.
Suspension Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,628,241 May 10, 1927 Insulator
Post type insulator composed of multiple parts
GODDARD, Walter T.
Post Type Locke Insulator Corp.
U 1,776,557 September 23, 1930 Pedestal Insulator
Pedestal insulator similar to suspension disk with metal cap and pin to bolt other units to
Pedestal Locke Insulator Corp.
 Locke Insulator Mfg. Co.
U 947,516 January 25, 1910 Insulator
miscellaneous horizontal insulator with conductor supported on periphery of crown
GODDARD, Walter T.
Miscellaneous Locke Insulator Mfg. Co.
R Specimen known 14,888 June 22, 1920 Insulator
Multipart design similar to Faradoid 1,374,998 (reissue of 1,311,067)
GODDARD, Walter T.
Multipart Locke Insulator Mfg. Co.
 N. Slater Co. LTD
U 2,634,313 April 7, 1953 Line Wire Transposition Bracket
Transposition bracket pressed out of a square of steel to hold four insulators
RIDGERS, Frederick G.
Transposition N. Slater Co. LTD
 National Metal Molding Co.
U 1,225,460 May 8, 1917 Insulator Wall Bracket
Bracket for rack knobs
Bracket National Metal Molding Co.
 Newton Bartle
U 679,544 July 30, 1901 Insulator for Electric Wires
Self-tying miscellaneous
Self-tying Miscellaneous 1/2 to Newton Bartle
U 700,570 May 20, 1902 Insulator Supporting Arm
Pin assembly for crossarm
Pin 1/2 to Newton Bartle
 Samuel Bowsher
U 809,743 January 9, 1906 Crossarm for Carrying High-Tension Wires
Crossarm and insulators made of glass or other insulating material
PETERY, Evan E. P.
Crossarm 1/2 to Samuel Bowsher
 St. Louis Malleable Casting Co.
U 1,176,137 March 21, 1916 Insulator Bracket
Bracket, metal with detachable pins
ETTE, Charles G.
Bracket St. Louis Malleable Casting Co.
 The Ohio Brass Co.
U 1,740,641 December 24, 1929 Pole Top Pin for Multiple Construction
Steel bracket for pole top that supports insulator pin on side of pole when conductor is under stress
AUSTIN, Arthur O.
Bracket The Ohio Brass Co.
U 1,950,646 March 13, 1934 Insulator
Iron cap cemented on the top of an insulator for switch connection
AUSTIN, Arthur O.
Cap The Ohio Brass Co.
 The R. Thomas & Sons Co.
U 1,755,032 April 15, 1930 Insulator
Post insulator made up of Hewlett disks
SLEEMAN, Harold P.
Post Type The R. Thomas & Sons Co.
 Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
U 1,725,097 August 20, 1929 Insulator Structure
Metal parts of suspension insulators are coated with rubber or resin to help prevent or reduce flashover
NAYLOR, William K.
Suspension Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
U 1,730,171 October 1, 1929 Insulator
Design with metal pin and metal projections to prevent arc-over
SMITH, Harold B.
Suspension Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.

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