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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 556,971 March 24, 1896 Insulated Support for Contact Rails
Third rail insulator with top and side brackets (see reissue 11,613 on 6-22-1897)
HANSON, Augustus
Third Rail  
U 781,661 February 7, 1905 Stringer Support for Electric Third Rails
Method of mounting stringers for third rails made of a beam of wood on standard telegraph and telephone glass insulators
Third Rail  
U 790,957 May 30, 1905 Insulating Support for Third Rails
Support for third rail with insulating material between the support and the rail.
Third Rail  
U 908,180 December 29, 1908 Third Rail
Third rail insulator system (Ohio Brass)
WILGUS, William J.
Third Rail  
 Bleecker S. Barnard
U 764,384 July 5, 1904 Insulating Support for Electric Third Rails
Third rail insulator that screws into metal support ahd has a threaded hole in top to receive the metal rail support.
SLATER, Frederick R.
Third Rail Bleecker S. Barnard
 General Electric Co.
U 584,477 June 15, 1897 Insulator
Pair of third rail insulators set on both sides of the rail fitting in the contour of the sides of the rail.
Third Rail General Electric Co.
R 11,613 June 22, 1897 Insulator Support for Contact Rails
Third rail insulator with top and side brackets (reissue of 556,971)
HANSON, Augustus
Third Rail General Electric Co.
 Harold P. Brown
U 693,603 February 18, 1902 Third Rail Insulator for Electric Railways
Square third rail insulator with metal foot and metal cap that fit in a square hole in top and bottom of the insulator.
HOBBS, Charles M.
Third Rail 1/2 to Harold P. Brown
 Nathan Shute
U Specimen known 1,090,234 March 17, 1914 Insulating and Supporting Mechanism
Ohio Brass third rail support insulator designed to be use on narrower ties
ROGERS, Joseph W.
Third Rail 1/2 to Nathan Shute

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