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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 75,889 March 24, 1868 Improvement in Telegraph Insulators
Hook with metal case secured to crossarm (see reissue 75,889)
U 319,300 June 2, 1885 Lightning Arrester for Wire Fence
Lightning protection for wire fence
MORTON, William Arthur
Lightning Rod Fence  
U Specimen known 357,050 February 1, 1887 Lightning Protector for Electrical Conductors
Barbed wire as a conductor for lightning protection placed above the electrical conductors on poles
VAIL, Jonathan H.
U 375,756 January 3, 1888 Lightning Rod
Coupling for lightning rods that allows each section to be screwed together
LAWSHE, Spencer R.
Lightning Rod Coupling  
U 401,095 April 9, 1889 Lightning Conductor for Wire Fences
Lightning rod connecting all strands of barbed wire fencing to ground to prevent lightning killing cattle which are standing near the fence
WOOD, Fremont E.
Lightning Rod Fence  
U 652,861 July 3, 1900 Overhead Wire Lightning Protector
Lightning rod with multiple points (see 637,282) (see reissue 11,759)
POCHE, Joseph Arthur
Lightning Rod Point  
U 895,916 August 11, 1908 Lightning Rod Terminal
Lightning rod terminal with a broad compartment filled with charcoal to aid in conductivity
Lightning Rod  
 Grant Greenham
U 623,033 April 11, 1899 Lightning Rod Conductor
Lightning rod point in the form of a dragon with multiple points in the tail pointing up with numerous little points along the dragon's body that aids in collecting or dissipating the current
Lightning Rod Point 1/2 to Grant Greenham
 The Ohio Brass Co.
U 1,611,871 December 28, 1926 High Tension Installation
Use of flux control insulators and arcing horns on transmission lines
AUSTIN, Arthur O.
Transmission The Ohio Brass Co.
U 2,036,225 April 7, 1936 Lightning Guard for Transmission Lines
Lightning guard strung above transmission towers with supporting tower between transmission towers
LUSIGNAN, JR., Joseph T.
Transmission The Ohio Brass Co.

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